Tuesday, September 20

Goodies for Me!

Yesterday, a box was waiting for me in the dining room when I woke up.  Well, I kinda had an idea where it came from.  And I was right - the box had goodies from ArtBin, a popular brand of storage for artists and crafters.  I won these goodies from their ongoing National Sewing Month contest on their Facebook page.  They post questions everyday, and participants leave comments of their answers.  On Day 6, I was picked as "Winner of the Day" of these goodies:

From left to right:  Sew-lutions Supply Box, Bobbin Box and NEW Super Semi Satchel
The Super Semi Satchel is perfect to hold my A2 cards.  I can definitely use this for my craft shows next month.

What made it a lot more special is the letter that came with the goodies.  It was so personalized, addressed to me, and stating the details of when and how I won.  Most of all, it was signed by Nancy Doubler, the National Sales and Marketing Manager of ArtBin.  She calls herself the "Facebook person".

Want to join in the fun with ArtBin this National Sewing Month?  Go to the Artbin Facebook Page, click LIKE, and answer the question of the day everyday until the end of September.  And don't forget to check out all the awesome ArtBin products in their official website.

Thank you ArtBin for my fabulous goodies!

This is one of the reasons why I like to pay it forward somehow and give out blog candies during special craft events.  What I raffle out is not as grandioso as others.  But for me, I just like to give back to my fellow crafters in my own little way.

Speaking of which, to kick-off World Card Making Day on October 1st, I'm raffling out these goodies at the end of this month:

All you need to do is leave a comment here in my blog everyday until September 30th.  One comment per day is equal to one entry.

And I hope you can join me in celebrating World Card Making Day in October, where I'll be raffling out more blog candies.

'Til next blog!
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