Wednesday, May 22


Epcot is my favorite park in Disney World.  I especially love the Japanese Pavillion.  There, I get to interact with Japanese nationals and practice my Japanese.  And I love seeing native Japanese products and authentic Japanese food.  It always feels like I'm back in Japan every time I'm there.

That's why this page is my favorite so far while helping my friend make her Disney Scrapbook.  She had a lot of pictures she wanted to include in the page spread, so we made 2 mini accordion albums to accommodate them.  One mini album is about Mickey Mouse and the other is about Minnie.

We made 2 pockets to put the mini albums in.

So how is your National Scrapbooking Month so far?  I am really busy with work right now, but I'm really glad that I was able to make scrapbook pages with my friend that one Saturday.  I intend to make another scrapbook album for a high school friend's baby girl.  I'm crossing my fingers I finish it this month.

'Til next blog!

Wednesday, May 15

Welcome Home

Hello crafty friends!  This is going to be quick as my planet is in total chaos.  It needs my attention and I need to do something really quick before I get tired and zonk out on the couch.

Here's a couple more 2-page LOs my friend and I made last weekend.

There is a bunch of stuff that needed to be included with the page.  But since there's not enough space, we just inserted them in a pouch we made on the right-hand side.

"Living with the Land" is my friend's favorite attraction in Disney World.  She took lots of photos and wanted them all in the page.  We pulled it off with this layout.

OK time to clean my planet.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

'Til next blog!

Sunday, May 12

Scrapbook Time

Of course I know it's National Scrapbooking Month.  And I wouldn't let May pass without making at least one scrapbook page.  And guess what?  I made more than that.

Big thanks to a friend of mine who asked me to help her make a scrapbook of their Disney World vacation.  I helped her make one last year too (click here to see).  If this is going to be a yearly thing, I will definitely love it!

For now, let me share with you the first page of the Disney Scrapbook.

We were able to make at least 10 pages yesterday.  And we are determined to finish this album - so we have scheduled a session two.  Session one lasted for about 8 hours... super fun!

'Til next blog!

Thursday, May 2

Quick Invites

We are planning another party at work.  It's kinda spur of the moment, but we wanted to do something fun before the hectic end-of-the-school year schedule starts.  So I made 40 of these quick invites last night.   

With projects like this one, I get to use my leftover cardstock.  I just cut each piece with Spellbinders, stamped with a tree image by Tattered Angels and sentiment by Studio G.  My co-worker printed the details of the party and attached it to the back of the invite.

I sure had fun making these.

'Til next blog!