Wednesday, March 1

The Sign

Hello, crafty reader!  The planet is pretty decent as I type, and I'm very glad.  There's been a lot of new additions here, but just haven't really had the chance to blog about them.  I'm taking one step at a time as real life stuff takes place.  Let me start with the new Tinker Planet sign.

I blogged last spring about a wooden sign I made with friends from my former job at the school.  I really had a good time painting and playing with vinyl for the first time.  After this experience, I'm not scared of vinyl anymore.

Then in the summer, I had family come over and made more wooden signs for their homes.  You can see more details about this Tinker Planet event by clicking here.

You know how creative juices flow when your craft room is in pretty orderly condition.  So I was able to spice up my wood sign.  I consider this as a kick start for National Craft Month.

Because this sign is to be hung in my craft room, I did my best to match it with my Tinker Planet header.  

My only regret is that the alpha font available for this party was very limited.  They just cut whatever they have in their die cutting machine.  I basically didn't have a choice.  But also, I didn't know what to expect when I went to this party.  Anyhow, it still worked.

The wood was stained black first, and then acrylic paint was applied.  After which, I did image stenciling with black acrylic paint.  The vinyl application came last.  

Here at the planet, I gathered embellishments that could fit my Tinker Planet header. These butterfly 3D stickers worked perfectly. 

Then at the bottom, I adhered red bling on white flower embellishments, to match the left side of the Tinker Planet header.

I'm happy with the result of the Tinker Planet sign.  It already has a spot here to be hung.  

For National Craft Month, I plan on doing a lot of work here at the planet.  Not necessarily crafting, but more on improving the layout and ergonomics of my small craft room.  I will be posting them as I go along.

'Til next blog!

Friday, January 6

Post Wedding Card Set

Hello crafty friends!  I'd like to share with you a Thank You card set I gave to a young couple who got married recently.  This would be something they send out after their wedding.  My inspiration stemmed from native box from the Philippines which I've been keeping for a special project. The cover would show the couple's names, but I removed them in PS for privacy reasons.

The cards are very simple.  I stamped and embossed the card base with this elegant swirl from Verve.  The sentiment stamp is by Stampin' Up.

I made the envelopes too, using We R Memory Keepers 123 Punch Board - one of my new favorite tools.

This is how the cards are situated in the box, and to secure them, I made a filler box which you see on the right.  The D&T layer is actually from their wedding wedding invitation.

I snagged another portion of their RSVP card, and attached it to the cover of the box. 

I attached another handmade card underneath the cover for the couple, with a monetary gift.  I prefer to give handmade wedding gifts like this, instead of buying the usual stuff from stores.  

'Til next blog!

Monday, December 26

Tape Origami Star

It has been a tradition of mine to make ornaments to give as gifts.  This Christmas, the star of my projects are... yes.  Stars.  

Back in Japan, my sister and I went to a big craft show in Tokyo, and we bought this Origami Paper Star kit.  I remember us making these stars on the bus ride home.  I still have those stars, and I used them to decorate our wreath this year:

There were still some left, so I thought to use them for my ornaments this year.  I dug out the original instruction which is, by the way, in Japanese.  I asked our exchange student what the title said, and she said Tape Origami Star.

Then I have several of these which I bought on a separate trip - I think in Thailand.  I knew they were for making Origami Stars. And I was right.

It did take me a whole day to make the stars I needed for my ornaments.  The size was perfect to put in the empty ornaments I got from a craft store.  Then I added small bells for a final touch.  I sure am very happy with the result.

Then I had some nice bags which I folded and tied with a string with the ornaments attached.  It's perfect to put gifts received during our Christmas party.  

These ornaments were a hit.  I'm glad!

Merry Christmas everybody... 'til next blog!

Sunday, October 30

Pick Your Poison

I was inspired by a fellow crafter after she posted a project using Starbucks bottles.  I have used these bottles before, but it has been a long time.  Her post reminded me that I still have a lot of them hiding in the basement.  So for my Halloween treats this year, I used up all the bottles I have left.

I covered the bottle caps with punched DP, and quickly did some stamping for the front, which was layered on black cardstock cut with Spellbinders.

Now we're all set for Halloween.  Just in case we run out, we have more goodies in treat bags.

'Til next blog!

Saturday, October 22

Craft Show

I have enough cards to sell in a small craft show in town.  I thought I won't be able to make it, but I did.  My decorations for my table is still the same as my past shows, only I added this one:

This was a project I made a few years back, and has been hanging in the laundry room.  It was a calendar with a "country" theme decoration.  I painted it black and adhered DP and cork sheets to achieve this look.  I thought I could use it for this craft show I was in today.  All I needed to add were the letters to showcase Tinker Planet.  Those are just alpha stickers I adhered to corrugated card stock and cut to size.  I really like the look!

'Til next blog!

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