Friday, December 13

Quick Christmas Cards

Now that my craft desk is a lot more functional, I have no excuse to not make Christmas Cards.  But given the time that I have, I can only make quick CAS cards.  And this is when old Christmas leftover stash come in handy.  I have a drawer just for those.  I have to say, I used up a good amount of leftovers from the previous years.  I'm glad.

Since I have Christmas themed legal envelopes in stock, I made 3.75 x 9 cards.  The stamped images in the cards are most likely from image swaps.

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 7

I hope you all have a great Christmas with your loved ones.  2019 was a great year for me.  I hope it was for you too.

Until next year!

Saturday, December 7

New Addition

With the excitement of my new craft space, I have the challenge to spend very wisely.  That is why I try to look around the house for whatever organizer, shelf or whathaveyou that I can use before buying anything.  And when I can't find any, I do my best not to buy brand new.  That's why Facebook Marketplace is my best friend right now.  I can spend a lot of time searching for what I need there.  And almost always, I hit the jackpot.  

I was looking for a CD/DVD shelving unit that would be perfect for the space on my craft desk.  I always find them best for storing a lot of my craft supplies, especially the small ones.  So I found this shelving unit whose width was great, but too tall.  Good thing I have an awesome BIL who cut it to the right height.

This is not the first CD/DVD shelf in my craft room.  The shorter one you see in the pic is just one of two towers I've had for years.  Now, this new shelving unit stores a lot of my embellishments, stamping tools and supplies, markers, and even dies and other tools.  I am very very happy with it!  

One more item check off my list!

Thursday, December 5


I had a chance to sneak down to my new craft space last night.  This time, I worked on my small alpha embellishments.  Oh my gosh... why do I have so many?!?!?  From beads to brads.  Just like my flower embellishments, I was storing them by brand, which I think was not really beneficial because I don't ever get to use them when stored that way.  Plus, it was taking a lot more space.  So I decided to just store them alphabetically.  I have a lot of organizers that can accommodate these embellishments.  And there goes my crafty therapy.

I can't wait to share with you the many changes in my new craft space.  Soon.  One day soon.

'Til next blog!