Friday, January 25

New Tinker Planet Location In The Works

As mentioned in a previous post, Tinker Planet is moving to a new location: exactly one floor down where it used to be.  I forgot to mention that this area of our basement was going to be my music/recording room.  I remember telling DH that I wanted a recording booth in our future home - something I've always wanted being a professional back up singer in the Philippines many years ago.  When we were finishing our basement, this spot was it.  It did have a small finished recording booth.  You can somehow see it in this corner of the space.

Sad to say, I never got to use it.  You know, RL gets in the way of things.  And now that we have a baby, I accepted the fact that I won't ever use this recording booth again.  I am perfectly happy singing my heart out with my band Yankee Station.

Anyway, here's an update of the new Tinker Planet.  New wall is done and everything painted white.  

Slowly, my stuff are placed.  Although I'm not sure yet where things are going to be exactly.  I will have sleepless nights designing the layout of this space.

I need to finish my new craft space asap.  This baby is growing pretty fast!