Saturday, April 19

Hello From the Philippines!!!

I'm back!  I guess my body clock's adjusted, and I have no jetlag.  It is really hot in here, and soooo humid.  It's really grand to be with my family again, and it is great to see a lot of friends.
Since I arrived, I haven't really seen a nice scrapbook/craft store.  A little disapointment, but I know I'll see one.  I still have more than 3 weeks.  Yesterday, I went in Papemelroti Store and I saw these thought boxes.  Each box has a different theme.  In the box are 2x2 pieces of paper with nice sentiments and phrases.  The ones I bought are "Have A Wonderful Life", "Fantastic Philippines", "Query", "Query 2" and "Today's Advice". 

These will be perfect for scrapbooking and I already have an idea on how I'll use these on a layout.  I love the box it self - perfect for altering.  I've always liked Papemelroti, because most of their products are hand-made, and they usually use recycled paper.  They actually sell some stuff for scrapbooking too.  I have a feeling I'll have to go to that store again before I go back home.
A few days before my trip, I was able to make a travel album.  I used a different medium for this one.  Instead of cardstock and paper, I used leather, fabric, lace, and a lot of old buttons and antique notions.  I printed the photos on textured cardstock (thanks for the input, Alice!), then I attached all the photos by sewing.  I really love the outcome of this one. 

You can see the album in detail by clicking here.

Also, I was able to make another hybrid layout.  Sorry, I can't write the exact materials I used.  I wasn't able to make a list, and I'm already here in the Philippines.  This is a pretty simple layout, and I love how the bg paper coordinated with the original digital layout.

I guess that's it for now.  I sure miss my planet!  haha!
Till next blog....


Wednesday, April 16

I'm On My Way...

Hello fellow crafters!  I have been busy packing and preparing for this big trip and I'll be posting another entry when I get there.  I'm very excited!
Since my last blog entry, I was able to make a mini album.  But this is very different because I didn't use cardstock or background paper.  Can you guess???  I was also able to do one more hybrid page.

Right now, my planet is really clean and tidy.  And I'm expecting it will be in the same condition when I get back, since my darling husband doesn't do any crafting.

I'll chat with you all later!

Saturday, April 12

Great Day!!!

This started out with a blast.  While checking my emails in the morning, I received one from Angie of Scrapscene, telling me that some of the photos from my craft room are being featured in their newsletter today and their Scrap Studio Ideas article.  I can't believe that my name is there, along with Ana Cabrera and Valerie Salmon.  The article also includes a link to my craft room album and homepage.  I was soo happy!  Thank you ScrapScene for featuring my planet.  Check the article out by clicking here.

I should say that today is my most productive day so far this month.  Aside from doing house chores (changing sheets and doing laundry), I was able to finish 2 more sun catchers, while finishing a DVD of my nephew-in-law's senior trip.  I had to make 20 copies of those DVDs to be given to the rest of the kids who were in the trip.  Talk about multi-tasking.  I was thinking of making another hybrid layout at the same time, but I'm not that good of a multi-tasker!  haha!  I'm really happy with these two stained glass projects because I didn't get a single cut.  This time, I know exactly what I'm supposed to do, step by step.  You can see the other sun catchers I made by clicking here.

A few days ago, I blogged about a boo-boo I made in the last page I was working on.  I finished it yesterday, but I made sure everything was dry before I even took a photo, which was this morning.  This is a hybrid page, based on a digital layout I made using Alice Koh's template from Pickleberrypop.  You can see the pure digital version hereI put the black buttons on the right to make the digital layout blend with my BG cardstock (DCWV).  I also adhered clear circle stickers (Sticko) on the red, white and green circles to make them pop out.  For the word "baby", I put glitter glue on the first B to match with the BG cardstock.  Then I applied clear dimensional gloss medium (Inkssentials) on the red letters.  I love how ABY looked so dimensional, and it pops out really well. 

Then I put paper flowers ($.50 from Walmart) to take the place of the buttons on the right. 

By the way, this digital layout by Alice Koh is free to download until April 30th.  Get it by clicking here.

What else made this day great???  I received a box of goodies from my Secret Girlfriend in SplitcoastStampers.  I had to wait the whole day because my hubby went straight to work after going to the post office.  I'm excited to try the Glue Pad, the Adirondack Dabber and the Copic marker.  Copics have been a craze in the stamping world.  It's originally meant for drawing "manga" or Japanese comic books, but here in the US, people use it for coloring stamped images.  I have markers similar to Copics, and I love them!  I'm planning to buy more of these Copic markers when I go to Japan next month.  They are definitely cheaper there.

I have been having a hard time sleeping these past few nights.  I think I'm really excited for my trip to the Philippines.  But I think it's starting to get to me, because I am really really tired now. 
'Till next blog.... goodnight!

Friday, April 11

What's New and a Darn Boo-boo!

I know it's been a while since my last blog entry.  I was pretending to be busy with things, but I was really ending up with doing nothing. 
Just like what Don Laban said, I have the stained glass bug.  I was able to download a lot of free patterns from the Spectrum website.  And there were two patterns in there that I just couldn't resist making.  So finally today, I started working on these two patterns.  I cut the glass pieces, and ground them.  And thanks to Christopherjohnhobby who suggested about using those rubber thimble thingies, I have no single cut!  Woot!  I'm sooo happy! 

I told my husband, if doing stained glass will be like this all the time, I really won't mind doing it everyday.  I finished copper foiling the glass pieces last night.  And I'm hoping to finish them this weekend if not today.  Spectrum is a popular glass brand for this craft, and you can get tons of free pattern if you register at their website, which doesn't cost you anything.

A few days ago, I was able to make a digital layout for my friend who celebrated her birthday on Monday.  I used Shabby Princess' Vintage Florals Kit on this one, with the help of Memory Mixer.  I really like  the cool hues of this kit.  You can get the Vintage Florals Kit for free by clicking right here.  Speaking of digital scrapbooking software, I use only two:  Memory Mixer and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.  I want to share the difference between the two, based on my experience.  Usually if I want to make a really quick digital layout, I use Memory Mixer.  The software includes a library of embellishments and background paper and all you need is just put the elements together.  Adding shadows and changing sizes and whatever else you want to do to tweak the elements in your page are all in just a click or two.  I would say that Memory Mixer is really good for beginners who have basic computer skills.  As for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, it takes a while for me to finish a layout with this one.  I guess it's because of my limited knowledge on the software.  I don't even know how to add a shadow with PE6.  You really have to know a lot of commands and really study to be adept with this software.  But what I like about using PE6 is the colors and hues of my layouts are so much richer compared to Memory Mixer.  There's no question about that. 

I was working on two more pages for this scrapbook album I'm making for my sister.  I just finished the traditional one a few minutes ago.  The background paper is from Me&MyBigIdeas and I used a lot of "nature" inspired elements like hemp and wood beads.  I used wood alphas for the main title, which I distressed with Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad.  I did the stitching using my Janome Sew Mini, and I cut the photos using my Deckle Scissors.  It's also my first time to use the "wood material" tape, which I bought from the 100 Yen Store in Japan (Joselle & Ameng).  I want to buy more of these when I go to Japan next month.  I'm thinking of submitting this layout to the Truly Trendy Contest in Scrapscene.  You might want to give it a shot too.  There are lots of goodies in store for prizes.  Now who wouldn't want that???

I was so in the mood to scrapbook today, so after finishing the BFF page, I started working on the hybrid one.  I was enjoying it and I was almost done.  Until this happened.  The darn glitter glue smeared and the damage couldn't just be fixed.  I was so mad.  I had to remove each embellishment despite my frustration.  I had to start from scratch and print the digital layout again.  I guess that's what happens when you haven't had any lunch and it's 3 pm.  My muse was hungry, and still is.

Let me take a break, freshen up, and eat my very late lunch.

Saturday, April 5

My Latest Creations

I was busy for the past three days trying to finish my 3 stained glass sun catchers.  I'm pretty proud of these because they are the first ones I made all by myself.  No teacher to guide me, and no teacher to ask questions to.  It's been a while since my last stained glass project, and it took a while for me to recall some of the steps.  Especially in the finishing process.  I didn't get cuts from cutting the glass, but I did get some from grinding.  Which makes me really say that grinding glass is the part I like the least.  And for the parrot one, I had a hard time grinding the really small pieces.  The soldering was not so bad, but a bit tedious.  In one of the flowers, I had to redo the soldering because the  copper foil didn't adhere so well on one of the glass pieces, making the piece "wobbly."  After soldering, I was confused on which one comes next.  I know that you should clean the glass and solder.   But I couldn't remember if I should apply the patina first or the finishing compound.  So I applied patina first.  While applying the patina, the solder didn't look smooth and all that.  And then I realized, I should have scrubbed it first with that fine wire-a-majig.  And then while I was scrubbing, it occured to me, that sometime in the process, I should be wearing gloves.  When is that???  And that's when I put the patina.  And I didn't the first time, with all those cuts on my fingers.  Ooops!  So I went and got me a pair of those nylon gloves and applied patina, then the finishing compound.  It looks a lot better! 

I'm happy with the finished product.  They're not perfect, but I'm still happy.  My confidence level in this craft got one step higher.  You can see the other sun catchers I made by clicking here.

Alice Koh posted about an April Template Challenge on her multiply site.  She's one of the designers at Pickleberrypop (so cute of a name!), where the challenge is taking place.  This is my take for the challenge.  The template is, of course, by Alice Koh, and all the digital elements I used are from the Dinner Party Kit by Shabby Princess.  You can get Alice Koh's template for free by clicking here.  And do participate on the challenge :) 
From the first time I saw the Pullip Doll from Marie Montero's site, I fell in love with the darn doll.  I wanted one!  It was actually created by a Korean company, but marketed from Japan.  And since I'll be going to Japan for a few days, the Pullip doll is on top of my "to buy" list.  The big question is.... where are these stores located????

Tuesday, April 1

Messy... But No Cuts!

I started April with 2 layouts - one traditional and one hybrid.  This is my first time to do a sports theme, with my sister being a Judo athlete. 

I used Memory Mixer in making the digital part, and printed it using Canon MP700.  I added some dimension to the main title using Ranger Inkssentials and Provo Craft Art Accentz.  I used BasigGrey for the Background.  I printed the "newsletter" portion on the upper right corner and write-ups from the internet and made them into inserts.  For the flap, I used Flip Flop Fasteners by Destination Scrapbook Designs.  The words around the page are stickers by 7 Gypsies, while the number stickers are by Doodlebug Design.  The black cardstock and printed orange paper are from my scrap pile.

The other layout is my April page for my 2008 Calendar.  Nothing really special on this one.  You can see it by clicking here.

My planet is, again, in chaos!  It's so messy, I don't want to be in it.  There are things on the floor and I can't even see my desk because it's covered with stuff.  I wasn't in the mood to do any cleaning today, so I guess my craft room will be that way until, I guess, tomorrow.

So to get away, I printed me some stained glass patterns and went down the basement.  I chose three sun catcher patterns, but I decided to work on just one today.  There are 20 pieces in this pattern, but a lot of really small ones.  I'm a little worried on when I put these together, if the very small pieces will show.  But hey, not cuts!  Woot!  We'll see tomorrow when I start grinding.... gulp!

Time for me to watch TV.  American Idol is on, and I'm looking forward to this season's first  episode of Hell's Kitchen.  That means I'll be doing some cross-stitching too!