Saturday, August 31

Crafty Niece

Last week, we had relatives from California and New York visit us here in Michigan.  It was a super fun, hectic week.  The kicker is, my niece came over and she loves crafting.  So I made sure we did as many crafting activities as possible during her week's stay.

The first one we did was altering a cigar box for the doll set I gave for her birthday.  I had her pick the bg paper/cardstock to cover the box with.  I covered the box and added the ribbon for easy access, and the rest I left to her.  I showed her my flower, ribbon and embellishment drawers, gave her chipboard alphas for her name, and had her punch some shapes to decorate her box with.

And this is what she came up with:

Our next project was a Princess Doll Kit my cousin bought for her in Hobby Lobby.  To be honest, this kit does not fit a 7-year old as it took both of us forever to finish this doll.

And finally, I wanted to make sure she made a scrapbook about her Michigan vacation.  A perfect reason to dig through my scrapbook kits stashed away in who knows where.  I chose a 6x6 kit by ColorBok.  My niece did all the planning, including the placement of each bg paper.  All I did was adhere the bg papers on each page and print wallet size photos, then I let her do the rest.  


This is my favorite page my niece made.  I loved how she did the layering on this one.


I had fun crafting with my niece.  I will definitely have one of her someday.

'Til next blog!

Friday, August 30

Scrapbook Time Part 3

Labor Day Weekend... yeah!

I want to make sure to do something crafty before the school year starts.  And I want to start tonight.

But before I do that, I want to share the rest of the scrapbook pages my friend and I made for her Disney Scrapbook.

For the "Snow White" page, she wanted to include photos of the topiaries of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs on the page.

We extended the "Ariel" page with an insert.  My favorite part is how we achieved the "wave" look.

This is one of my favorites, including the story behind it.  My friend's twins actually took a part in the Beauty and Beast mini theater play, and received commemorative book marks for it.  We adhered the bookmarks to make the page more special.

For the "Toy Story" page, I loved how we incorporated the Green Army Men stickers with the actual photo they took in the resort.

Adding flaps is one of my favorite techniques in scrapbooking.  It's the best way to put many photos in one page, just like what we did in the "Family, Friends and Fun" page.

I know I've said this many times, but I intend to do some organizing in my planet.  You know how I can't create when things are not in their proper place.  Excuses, excuses.  I know.

'Til next blog!

Monday, August 26

Scrapbook Time Part 2

Whew!  Last week flew by real fast with family visiting from California and New York.  But before that, I had an entire day scrapbooking with a good friend.  Last year, I helped her make a Disney Scrapbook for her DMIL.  This time, I helped her make another one for herself.  We actually started it in May (click here, here and here to see what we've already done), but was only able to finish it a couple of weeks ago.

For now, let me share with you the single 8 x 8 pages:

I love how the edge punching goes so well with Jasmine's outfit.

The title was cut from a pamphlet.

I love how we used part of the photo for title placement.

All the elements in this page are from a Disney Scrapbook Kit.

All we did in this page is mat the photo and the background paper.

The irony is, I have been to several Disney Resorts in different countries, but I haven't made a single Disney page for myself.  And this is the second Disney Scrapbook I helped my friend make.  Too funny!

For my next blog entry, I will share the 2-page layouts and special pages.  Until then!

Monday, August 12

Charlevoix Art Fair

Last weekend, I was able to see the Waterfront Art Fair in Charlevoix, MI.  This is not your ordinary art fair.  Over 1000 applicants submitted their work and only a few were selected.  I am lucky to see these beautiful creations.  Just driving by the art fair as we look for a parking spot was already a thrill.  I was excited to see each and every booth - from the glass work, paintings, jewelry, pottery, mixed media and lots more.

But the artist that I was looking forward to the most was Otis Pottery.  I have raved about Mr. David Otis' work from the first time I visited their studio, and was honored to have met him and his wife in person. I love, love, love the pottery they made for this show, especially the kimono wall decor.  My only regret is that I wasn't able to take a photo of their space.  Well, I promise to add an Otis Pottery to our collection.

Hey guess what?  My planet's getting decent.  Tomorrow's going to be a crafty day with friends here at home.

That's it for now... 'til next blog!

Friday, August 9

Baptism Invitation

Recently, I was organizing photos in my computer.  During the process, I realized that I wasn't able to post about the Baptism Invitations I made for my high school friend's baby earlier this year.  I must have been busy making the wedding invitations for my college friend.

Anyway, today's a good chance to share it with you.

This card uses Sandy Allnock's Adapted Tri-fold Shutter Card.  You can see the video tutorial here.



This is my favorite version of the Shutter Fold.  I did enjoy making these cards.

'Til next blog!