Sunday, September 30

Wish List

I haven't been to a craft store in months!  And I do miss going to Joann's and Michael's.  I'm actually doing a good job, that even when I go to Walmart, I don't buy any scrapbook stuff in the craft section.  Now, I do buy online, but only at because I'm a member of the Free Shipping Club, and only when I have the 40% or 50% coupon.  Check out Joann's Free Shipping Club if you live in the US, because it's worth it!  However, next year I'm going to step up my "craft shopping discipline" and I'll only buy with the 50% coupon.

Yesterday, my hubby gave me a nice surprise on the way to Saginaw.  We passed by this big craft store called Arnie's.  And he let me go in, look and buy a few stuff.  I only bought sale stuff.  But I had a blast looking at all those scrapbooking and craft items.  When my promise not to go to any craft store ends at the end of this year, I'll definitely go back and visit Arnie's!

I've been visiting a lot of craft websites lately.  And I ended up having a list of what I want to have.  They are:

When I'm going to have these is the big question.....  Wish me luck!