Friday, December 13

Quick Christmas Cards

Now that my craft desk is a lot more functional, I have no excuse to not make Christmas Cards.  But given the time that I have, I can only make quick CAS cards.  And this is when old Christmas leftover stash come in handy.  I have a drawer just for those.  I have to say, I used up a good amount of leftovers from the previous years.  I'm glad.

Since I have Christmas themed legal envelopes in stock, I made 3.75 x 9 cards.  The stamped images in the cards are most likely from image swaps.

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 7

I hope you all have a great Christmas with your loved ones.  2019 was a great year for me.  I hope it was for you too.

Until next year!

Saturday, December 7

New Addition

With the excitement of my new craft space, I have the challenge to spend very wisely.  That is why I try to look around the house for whatever organizer, shelf or whathaveyou that I can use before buying anything.  And when I can't find any, I do my best not to buy brand new.  That's why Facebook Marketplace is my best friend right now.  I can spend a lot of time searching for what I need there.  And almost always, I hit the jackpot.  

I was looking for a CD/DVD shelving unit that would be perfect for the space on my craft desk.  I always find them best for storing a lot of my craft supplies, especially the small ones.  So I found this shelving unit whose width was great, but too tall.  Good thing I have an awesome BIL who cut it to the right height.

This is not the first CD/DVD shelf in my craft room.  The shorter one you see in the pic is just one of two towers I've had for years.  Now, this new shelving unit stores a lot of my embellishments, stamping tools and supplies, markers, and even dies and other tools.  I am very very happy with it!  

One more item check off my list!

Thursday, December 5


I had a chance to sneak down to my new craft space last night.  This time, I worked on my small alpha embellishments.  Oh my gosh... why do I have so many?!?!?  From beads to brads.  Just like my flower embellishments, I was storing them by brand, which I think was not really beneficial because I don't ever get to use them when stored that way.  Plus, it was taking a lot more space.  So I decided to just store them alphabetically.  I have a lot of organizers that can accommodate these embellishments.  And there goes my crafty therapy.

I can't wait to share with you the many changes in my new craft space.  Soon.  One day soon.

'Til next blog!

Sunday, November 3

Treat Bag

I have been using pure therapeutic essential oils for almost two years now.  I have no regrets. And I'm not turning back.  Young Living (Member ID:  10811270) is now a part of my lifestyle - one of the ways I'm trying to get rid of harmful chemicals that are out there.  It has made a very big difference to me and my household.

Anyway, I was tasked to make something crafty in one of the essential oil facebook groups I'm in.  So I made this treat bag to put Young Living Ningxia Nitro in.  Ningxia Nitro is like Red Bull without the harmful chemicals.  I always have this with me when I travel or when I have band gigs.  This is most especially helpful to me having an infant who wakes up often in the middle of the night.

For this project, I used the Favorably Simple Gift Box die by Spellbinders.

This treat bag can hold 1 Ningxia Nitro, with fillers.

Or up to 4 Ningxia Nitros without fillers.

This little project was a good chance to use this die.  Can't wait to use it for future holiday projects.

'Til next blog!

Wednesday, October 30


And like I said in my last post, I was going to be busy with family visiting.  I have to say the past few months were awesome!  I love it when family and friends come over.  The last batch of visitors left a few days ago.  Now I can go back to "almost" regular craft programming.

I am not sure how many trick-or-treaters we will have this year, but just the same, I made quick treat bags to hand out.  With the exception of last year, I always make halloween treats.  But since I don't have much time to make any special ones, I snagged whatever easy boxes or leftover treat bags I have from the previous years.

Hey, ONLY the treat bags are from previous years, ok?  The goodies inside are brand spanking new.

'Til next blog!

Friday, June 14

Happy Father's Day

I had the kids come over to make Father's Day cards today.  This is the best time to bring out those alphas, stickers, pens, markers, stamped images and other embellishments for them to use.  It's amazing and inspiring what these kids were able to make for their dads.

I liked crafting ever since I was a little girl.  But back in the Philippines, I didn't have access to craft supplies, except during art class. Now that I have all these tools and materials, I love to share them with friends and family, especially the kids.  I want them to experience this one thing I never had during my younger days.  I can't wait to do this with my own kids.  It won't be that long.

'Til next blog!

Thursday, June 13

Got Flowers?

So... I have been working in my new craft space, sorting out and organizing things.  I really, really, really want to finish this so I can sleep better.  You know that feeling when you have a goal and you want it done so bad that your brain keeps running with ideas and what ifs?  Yeah.  I've been having that.  And as I always say, RL gets in the way.  I already accepted that this goal won't be reached soon because of a lot of friends and family lined up to visit us in the next 4 months.

Anyway, my attention was focused on all the flowers I have hoarded for many years.  Previously, I was storing them by brand for blogging purposes.  Now I realized it's best to just store them by color.  So I started with my jar of Prima flowers.

Man, I tell you, it's like therapy.  I was so intent at the task that I didn't even realize I was drooling... hahaha!  It feels good after they're all sorted out.  

'Til next blog!

Friday, May 31

Feole Wedding Invitation

I am very pleased and excited to write about my latest project:  60 summer wedding invitations.  In my previous post, I wrote about how I got to this point.  In just a few days, the details of the inserts were finalized, and now the invitations are done!

I really like how the inserts peep out when the invitation is closed.

To me, it's like a gate being opened to see what's inside.  There are 5 inserts in this invitation, one of which is the RSVP post card, ready to be mailed at any time.

Of the 5 inserts, only the first has the decorative top edge.  The other 4 are just plain squares. In the end, it looks nice and clean when assembled.

This is one of my favorite wedding invitations that I have made so far.  I am very happy with the result.

'Til next blog!

Thursday, May 23

Wedding Invitation (in the works)

Yep, I was busy in my craft space this month.  It's been a while since I've had this crafty happy feeling.  My friend has picked the final design for her summer wedding, and I've been working on this project at every chance I get.  I consider this project a refresher to using my tools, as it has been a long time since I've had a big project like this.  Not to mention the effects of epidural... haha!

For this post, I want to share with you the process of making the lot of 60 wedding invitations.  

First, I made the base with Anna Griffin embossing folder.  After running each card stock through my Big Shot machine, I manually trimmed both ends to follow the design of the embossing. 

Next, I worked on the sliders.  I stamped the sentiment by Unity Stamp, then cut with Spellbinders die.  I also cut a background shape for the sentiments. 

Then I cut the base of the slier with the Swirly Back Sizzix Die.  Not sure if this still exists in the market.  After that, I put together the main front portion of the slider. 

This is how the sliders look like, assembled.

Then I fold the card stock base to a tri-fold card.  The excitement builds up at this point.

Next step is the inside pocket, which I cut with Spellbinders Classic Elegance Tall Pocket die.  This was designed by Amazing Paper Grace, one of my favorites in the paper crafting industry.  I am not too fond of this step, because cuts like this involve a lot of mess.  

Now the invitations have been assembled, and are ready for the inserts.

To make it look more professional, instead of stamping my "handmade by" image on the back, I made individual seals to attach.  This is when my Xyron sticker machine comes in really handy.

I am still working with my friend for what details to put on the inserts.  Once we are done with that, I will post the final product.

'Til next blog!

Friday, May 10

Great Lakes Mega Meet 2019

I have been out of craft circulation from quite sometime.  I know there has been a lot of new products in the market that I'm most probably not aware of.  I remember back then, I was updated with everything paper crafts.  I would sit hours on the computer to check what's latest - being active in the message boards and online communities.  Now, I am not sure if these boards and communities are still existing.  I am slowly learning that some of the brands have ceased production.  Even the monthly scrapbooking, stamping or card making magazines are mostly gone too.

So this year, as a treat to myself, I made it a point to go to a crapbooking/stamping show in Michigan.   One of them is the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi.  I think this is the biggest show in my state, hosted by Great Lakes Scrapbook Events.  The venue is over 3 hours away from me, so I expect a limited time at the event.  

Every time I go to a craft show like this, I always feel like a kid entering a gigantic candy store.  I can't believe that despite my age, the excitement is still there.

Of course, I studied the layout and the vendors of the show ahead of time, so I know where to go and what to buy.  I conditioned my brain not to do any impulsive shopping, unless it's really a good good deal.  As always, I have to see everything first.  Kinda like speed shopping.  I did find some good deals, but was able to buy the ones that I really need for my new craft space.

Above all, I wanted to visit Our Daily Bread Designs.  This brand has a special place in my heart because I worked for a couple of their shows here in Michigan many years ago.  Just very recently, they changed their name to Divinity Designs, which I really like.  They started out with rubber stamps, but have expanded their product line to thin dies and other paper crafting products.  I really love their dies!

It's always a treat to see the creations of their designers!  I always get inspired that I want to go home right away to play with my new Divinity Designs dies.

I have to share with you the numbers that came out at the cash register during my purchase.  These multiple ones have been showing up in my life lately.

It was so great to see owner Kelley doing her magic at the show.  The time we had catching up was so short!

I was surprised to see Tim Holtz doing a demo at the Stampers Anonymous booth.  I wish I could stay longer, but it's almost time to go.

I really had a great time at the Great Lakes Mega Meet.  I am crossing my fingers to be able to attend and actually participate in the crop and classes next year.

Wednesday, May 8

Planet's New Additions

I have been glued on to Facebook Marketplace looking for the right shelf fixture for this spot in my new craft space.  A few weeks later, I found the right one - a little over an hour away.  And most of all, it's only $20.  It's originally a shoe shelf for a walk in closet, which is perfect for my stuff having 13 shelves.  It was a Saturday when I contacted the seller, and because I really wanted it, I said I would drive down to his place first thing next day.  And I did.  I didn't want anyone else to beat me for this find.  

The night after getting this beauty in my hands, I did the first coat of white paint right away.  So I can do the second coat the next day.  It really looks great!

Now for the spot to the left of my new shelf, I had to find a certain width of a drawer cabinet.  I looked everywhere - Walmart, Ikea, Home Depot, Lowes... but I found the perfect size from Amazon.  And because I have Amazon Prime, it shipped for free in just a couple of days.

My planet's new location is getting there... slowly but surely.  There's a new member too, as you can see.

'Til next blog!

Tuesday, April 30

Wedding Invitation Sample 6

Ok promise.  This is the last sample for my friend's wedding invitation.  I just thought to make it harder for her to pick a design... hahaha!

This is several variations of the first sample, with more selections on the sliders and on the inside of the card.

For this invitation, the slider uses the same sentiment as Sample 4.  While the inside is the exact same as Sample 1.

The good thing about this solid pocket is you have the option to stamp or print on it.  Like the invitation greeting for example, or the wedding date and location.

For this invitation, the slider is almost the same as Sample 1, just using the same sentiment as the invitation above.  There is a big difference on the pocket inside, which I actually like better.

For the next variations, they will be using the same slider.  Just differences on the inserts, as you can see when each card is closed.  The inserts have decorative top edges.

I'm using either yellow or purple because that's what I have a lot in stock - great for a big number of invitations.  The inserts in this variation have a more leaf/floral design.

The inserts in this variation is made with one of my favorite edge punches. 

Here's the exact same variation using yellow inserts:

This concludes my wedding invitation sample series this month.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.  Now I'll just wait for my friend to decide which one she likes best.

'Til next blog!