Friday, December 25

Christmas Cards 2015

Merry Christmas, crafty friends!  What crafty gift did you get for Christmas?!?!  Let me guess... a new die cut machine?  Stamps?  A complete set of your favorite markers?  I'm sure whatever it is, you're all set for 2016.

I made a good bunch of handmade Christmas cards this year, but I forgot to take pictures before I sent some of them out.  This year's cards are a lot bigger than usual - 8.5 x 5.5.  Then for my card base, I used double sided designer card stock (Martha Stewart).  The card fronts are made with the Anna Griffin Mix and Match Christmas Frames Embossing Folders.  I love, love, love this and I'm glad I bought them from HSN last month.  Then I accentuated them with Stickles.  I forgot how fun Stickles are to use.  I have tried several ways to store my Stickles, but now I keep them all in my Artbin Bottle Storage Satchel.

Now on with the cards...

Like I mentioned earlier, the card base is one piece of double sided card stock (Martha Stewart).  When I cut my cardstock, I make sure the designs I like is showing right inside and out.  The pic below is one of my favorites.  The added accents are the die cut white card stock and reindeer on the left, and the sentiment on the Christmas tree on the right.

For this card, I adhered snowflakes adorned with Dew Drops accents.  I inked the sentiment a little bit, then dotted some Stickles around it.

When you open the card, this is what you'll see.  I adhered snowflakes accents here too.

For this card, I accentuated the embossing with Stickles and bling.

Then on the inside, I adhered more accents.

Now, with leftover materials from the big cards, I made this smaller card. I added snowflake and sentiment accents on the front and on the envelope flap.

Inside, I added a poinsettia accent and adhered a die-cut white card stock for the message.

I really had fun making these cards.  If my DH liked them, they must be good.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday weekend!

'Til next blog...

Thursday, December 24

Tinker Christmas

Hello crafty reader!  I'm sure by now, your trees have tons of gifts under the tree - some of them especially crafty.  I was looking for the one crafty gift for myself, and I think I have found the one I really like.  I will discuss that in another post.

But for now, let me share with you my craft projects this Christmas.

Decorating wreaths has become a tradition in Tinker Planet.  This year's wreath is nothing fancy.  Just like last year, I adhered pine cones and bling.  I finally used up my pine cone stash from the yard, and the bling is from leftover decorations from a wedding at the hall where I wash dishes.

Part of my crafty Christmas tradition is making handmade ornaments.  Last year, the "main ingredient" of my ornament was scrap staples.  This year, I'm using leftover lumber ticket material from work.  It's white thin sheet of plastic - very durable.  I'm not sure what it's called, but I do know I can create a lot of things with it.  Actually, I have made a quick retirement banner with it in July (click here to see).  

With Sizzix dies (probably retired), I was able to make the following:

Snowflake Hanging #2

Snowflake Hanging 3-D #2

Snowflake Hanging 3-D

Starburst, Hanging

Start 10-Point 3D

And of course... cards!  I wouldn't let the holiday season pass without making any Christmas cards.  I'll share all of them on my Christmas Day post.

'Til then... enjoy your Christmas Eve!