Wednesday, February 12

Quick Birthday Card

Hello there!  Here's a quick card I made today using leftover materials.  No stamping involved, but I did use one of my favorite corner punches and a Spellbinders die.  The background paper you see is actually from a stamping catalog from long time ago.  And the sentiment is actually a sticker.

I like to make CAS cards like this, especially made with materials laying around. Making the most out of every piece and creating something like this makes me feel good.

'Til next blog!

Sunday, February 2

Anniversary Card

Hello crafty friends!  I hope 2020 has been good for you so far.  Although I'm not working full time, I was busy with a lot of RL paperwork.  A good number of goals were achieved last month, and another goal is within reach in a couple of weeks.

One of the things I want to make sure to do this year is to make and send handmade cards to people I care about.  I want to bring back the more personal touch of hand written greetings we get in the mail.  Social networking sites has taken that big time.  Recently, greeting someone on their special day, may it be birthday, anniversary, graduation or retirement, is just so...  to put bluntly, routine.  There seems to be no more effort for an event so special.  And I am guilty of this myself.  It's just so easy to go to Facebook and greet someone on their wall.  But this year, I want to change that.  I have been pretty good actually, considering it's only February.  It hasn't been perfect.  I have had my misses.  But this is still better than before.  

The only thing is that I haven't been taking photos of the cards I have made and sent out.  Maybe because I want to make cards just to make cards.  Not to blog about it.  For now.  

Anyhow, I remembered to take a picture of this anniversary card I made for my DSIL.  

Sentiment:  Stampin' Up

I am crossing my fingers that there will be more handmade cards to blog about.  But really, my number one focus is to finish my craft space.  I hope it will be very soon.

'Til next blog!