Thursday, June 28

REVIEW: 9-Rod Ribbon Rack

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I bought this from Dek Development -
In their website, the features of this Ribbon Rack were described:

"This ribbon storage rack holds lots of spools. Your stack of spools would have to be over ten feet tall to need more storage than this. Nine rods each 17" long. That is 17 rolls of the 1" wide ribbon or 34 rolls of the narrow ribbon. You can cut ribbon directly from the ribbon storage rack.... It has a unique Anti-Rotation feature that allows only the spool you work with to unroll. Only one spool will dispense ribbon at a time. Spool ribbon racks come ready for painting, staining or, stamping."

Cool features! Back in Japan, I was storing my ribbons according to color in wood bins.  Since I'm in the process of putting together my craft room, I decided to buy this product.

Shipping took 3 days. Kudos to Dek Development for that!

When I saw the box, I figured I will have to do some assembling. After looking through everything, I was disappointed. First of all, the wood they used seems to be low quality/cheap wood. Second, the directions for assembly was very poorly done. There was no step-by-step illustration on how to do it. Although looking at it, it does seem to be easy to put together. And third, the nails included are too short - not long enough to hold the parts together in a sturdy fashion.

However, I do like the fact that I can alter this with paint or special paper. And that it can hold so many rolles of ribbon.

The big question is, if I fill this ribbon rack with so many spools of ribbon, can it actually hold the weight???

REVIEW: Crop N' Style Snap Bin Paper Storage

I bought this from Joann's because I was looking for a good paper storage . First of all, a big salute to Joann's for a speedy delivery. Assembling it was really easy. And the way it snaps and stacks on top of each other is really awesome. However, I wouldn't have bought this if not for my 50% coupon. It's original price at Joann's is $29.95. This is just one of the Snap Bin Series. And if you're looking for good organization for your craft tools, I recommend this product.

Monday, June 25

REVIEW: Zero Hero Centering Ruler

Category:  Other
This is the best ruler I've ever used for my papercrafts. There are 2 grids - one for centering, and one for measuring. Also it has five 1/4" lines which you can use for matting. I also like the holes across both ends (half inch apart), which you can use for marking/placement for brads or other embellishments. This centering ruler would be one of those tools that I can't start a project without.

Sunday, June 17

REVIEW: HP Photosmart A610

Category:Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Other
Manufacturer:  HP
I'm a scrapbooker, and no road trip can make me stop from making pages. So while on the road, I decided to buy a portable printer to print pictures. And I saw the HP Photosmart A610 at Walmart for about $98. I thought it was a good buy considering it's from a reliable printer product. The body is sturdy, it seems to me that it's not made of cheap plastic. I like the fact that it can read memory cards of different sizes. What wowed me was the USB Port where you can plug your USB Data Sticks or print straight from your camera. You can print 5 x 7, 4 x 6, panoramic, 2.5 x 3.5, 2 x 3, and even smaller prints 1.25 x 1.75 and 1 x 1.5. It is very user friendly. Just plug it, and insert your memory card, choose and/or scale the picture you want to print, then push the print button. The print quality isvery good, and dries instantly. The printing time for a 4 x 6 takes more than 39 seconds (HP claims in 39 secs.), but I don't care because I love the print quality. I can always do something else, like assembling my pages and embellishments while waiting for it to print.

Thursday, June 14

No More Hoarding!!!

And I'm not kidding!  I know for a fact that I have all the tools and supplies that I need.  But I still keep buying scrapbooking stuff.  Yeah, I know...  shopping for scrapbook supplies is overwhelming and exciting... but too much is not very practical.  

Today, I made a decision, and I asked my darling husband to be with me in it.  I won't buy any more scrapbooking materials till the end of this year.  Sounds unrealistic?  Yes.  But I'm dang serious about it.  I told my husband to keep me from going to Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, or any other scrapbook store, and that includes the scrapbooking sections in Walmart, Target, etc. etc.  He just laughed at me.  I looked at him straight in the eye, and I told him I was serious.  And with that, I'm expecting to make more scrapbook pages and projects, so I can use up all the supplies that I have.  Scrapbooking is supposed to help keep those memories alive, and that means creating things.  Not hoarding supplies.

Now, I'm praying really hard that I will live up to this promise.  And I will do my best.

Ask me again tomorrow, a week and a month from now, and at the end of the year.

Tuesday, June 12

REVIEW: Scotch ATG 700

Category:  Other
I can never live without this product! It's the best adhesive tool for any kinds of craft from scrapbooking, framing, mounting, to attaching flaps or covers. Making cards and invitations are a snap with this tape gun. It also saves a lot of time in putting together my scrapbook pages. You can buy the optional 1/4" tape adapter to use the 1/4" double adhesive tape. I'm guilty, I bought 2 guns so I can have one for the 1/2" tape and another for the 1/4" tape. I highly recommend this if you're a serious crafter/scrapbooker.

Monday, June 11

Craft Room in the Works

Ok, I know I haven't made any new updates for quite a while.  I do have an alibi (excuses, excuses... right!) 

We just moved to our location, and just bought us a house (woot!).  And the good news is, I'm going to have my very own craft room!!!  (woot!  applause!  woot!)

It's now in the works.  It's a nice size office, with a big window.  The walls are all white, with a nice shade of green carpet.  I really don't like having a carpet in my craft room, but it's new, so might as well use it.  I have just finished phase one, and still have a lot of other stuff to do.  I'll be posting pics of the developments, promise!
Break a leg for me!