Wednesday, July 31


Hello crafty friends!  Here's a quick post about a quick project we made before I left for the Philippines last month. I was asked by DSIL to make a Dr. Seuss sign for our niece's graduation party to display.  She's a bookworm, you see.  And thus this sign:

Originally, the plan was to cut letters with my Cricut.  But since there wasn't any time - literally a couple of hours before the party, we had to make it a lot quicker and easier.  Why should I complicate things, right?  So I dug out my big alpha stickers and chipboard alphas instead.  And while I was cooking my Filipino rice noodles, I had my friend Sabrina make the sign for me.  Thank you gf!

'Til next blog!

Monday, July 29

Planet Chaos

So I was on vacation last month.  Then I did a mini craft show right after I got back.  And now my planet is in this state:

Even my dog Chichay couldn't bear the sight that she had her eyes shut... lol!

Needless to say, this is just a quick post to let you know that I am working on it.  Yeah.  Right.

Hey at least, most of our house is really neat and organized.  I guess I'm saving my craft room for last.

'Til next blog!

Saturday, July 13

Crafty Day

Earlier this week, a crafty friend of mine hosted a mini craft show on her drive way.  She is an artist and makes awesome paintings, and also likes to alter furniture and such.  She asked another friend, who refurbishes and alters furniture to join in.  And she asked me to sell my handmade cards as well.  Since I wasn't able to do any craft shows last year, I immediately said yes.

Sitting on my favorite bench made by Sheryl

Altered and Refurbished Furniture

Altered and Refurbished Items

Sabrina's Paintings and Altered Art

Paintings and Altered Art

Tinker Planet Handmade Cards

More Altered Furniture

Mini Craft Show

The Crafty Girls

At the end of the show, my friend Sabrina gave me this altered kitchen cabinet door with her painting of Morel Mushrooms.  I love it!

During the day, I also went to the Nub's Nob annual Art Fair.  It is similar to the Royal Craft Show in Castle Farms.  I enjoyed seeing everything in this show.  And guess what?  I didn't buy anything.  I might next year.

It's summer time in Northern Michigan... and I can't wait to see more arts and crafts shows.  'Til next blog!

Monday, July 8

Wedding Invitation: Final Chapter

I can say this is my biggest paper crafting project ever.  I actually had cold feet at some point, but with encouragement from the bride herself, I went on with it.  I was asked to make 80 invitations, and the goal was for the invites to get to the Philippines by first week of May.  Thanks to the USPS, that goal was achieved.

So without further a do, here's my best friend's wedding invitation.

This is how it looks when received by the guest.

Showing back of slider:

The invitation opened, without the slider.  The name of the recipient is put on the orange shape on the top flap.


The wedding went really great, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. 

'Til next blog!

Saturday, July 6

Wedding Invitation Part 4

I forgot to mention that my college friend's job involves a lot of travel.  That's why she wanted her invitation to look like a traditional plane ticket bought from a travel agency.  That's why there is no need for the traditional wedding envelope.
The base (Part 1) and the slider (Part 2 and Part 3) have been made.  Now it's time to show you the inserts, which features the details of the wedding.

With Adobe Photoshop, I typed the details of the wedding, making sure they fit in an 8.5 x 11 cardstock.  The tricky part of this process is selecting the font, and making sure no words and names were misspelled.  When everything was good, I started printing.

I cut the 8.5 x 11 sheets in thirds, making three inserts for the invitation.  Each insert has different lengths as well with a difference of 1/4 inch.  I also rounded the top left corner of each insert.

The next step was to ink the left edge with black ink.  The stamped a ship image by Tim Holtz on the right side.


When the three inserts are stacked together, this is how it looks:

I'm excited to show you the final product.  And that's for the next blog...  'Til then!

Friday, July 5

Wedding Invitation Part 3

Hello crafty reader!  I have been blogging about my latest big craft project.  I made the wedding invitations for my best friend from college.  You can see Part 1 by clicking here, and Part 2 by clicking here.

Now it's time for the topper of the slider for the wedding invitation.

The bride has decided to have monograms of their first name initials on the topper.  And since it's the focal point of the invitation as it is received, I heat embossed the monograms on orange cardstock.

After heat embossing, I cut around the monograms with a Spellbinders die.


I cut two more layers, in black and orange, using two different dies.

After that, I adhered mounting tape on all three layers.

Then the topper is assembled.

When the toppers were done, I adhered them to the sliders (click here on how I made the slider).

Here's the monogram up close.

Now the slider is officially done.  We move on to the inserts or the actual invitation.  And that I will share with you tomorrow.

'Til then!

Thursday, July 4

Wedding Invitation Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you how I made the base of the wedding invitation I made for a dear friend.  What's so special about this invitation is that there are no envelopes involved.  The bride really wanted something different.  

For enclosure of the base, she wanted a slider.

So I cut two strips of cardstock, one in black and one in orange.

The black layer was punched with the Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch.

As for the orange layer, I scored it in three parts, then stamped the middle with my mark.

Then the orange layers were folded like so, making sure that my mark is on the inside once assembled.

Then I adhered the black layer to the orange strips, and folded and assembled like so.  Now the base of the slider is done.

Tomorrow, I will share with you the topper of my slider.  'Til then!

Wednesday, July 3

Wedding Invitation Part 1

Earlier this year, I was mentioning about making wedding invitations for a very dear college friend of mine.  I've been itching to share it with you, but I had to wait 'til after the wedding.

The wedding has taken place, which is the reason for my absence from Tinker Planet.  I was in the Philippines for about three weeks, and that sure was a short, sweet and memorable visit.

Now, I'd like to share with you the wedding invitations I made.  I will post as I made the invitations, step by step.

The wedding's theme was orange and black.  So we opted for a black base and orange inserts.

The first step was to score the base.  I stuck to 8.5 x 11 cardstock (Recollections in Black). 

After scoring, I rounded the top left corner of the base.

Then with a bone folder, I started folding.  The rounded corner is in the inside of the base.

Then I cut strips of orange cardstock (Stampin' Up in Pumpkin Pie).

Then the orange strips were punched with EK Success Deep Edge Puncher in Swirls.  Notice that I also scored a line below the swirls.

After that, I adhered the orange strip to the inner flap of the base.  Now you have an idea on how the base looks like.

You must be wondering how this base is going to close.  I'll share that with you tomorrow.

'Til next blog!