Sunday, March 30

National Craft Month Recap

I promised myself to create a lot this March.  I was able to make 6 traditional/hybrid layouts (one of them a double page), 2 Altered items, 75 Cards, 6 digital layouts, 1 stained glass project and 2 crochet projects.  I think that's the most I've ever made in one month.  I guess it's not bad, huh? 

Here's the last one I did for today.  I would consider this a hybrid, because the main object of the page is a digital layout I made using Photoshop Elements.  I promised my sister I'll make her a scrapbook album about her college graduation, and some of the layouts were digital.  My printer doesn't have the capacity to print 12x12 pages, so the biggest I can print is 8x8 for a full square.  The best way for me is to incorporate it into a traditional layout.  I seem to find doing hybrids easier because there's not much you need to add.  You just need to garnish it a little bit, and that's it.  All the embellishments I used in this page are leftovers/scrap.  It's just hard for me throw stuff away, even a 2 inch piece of ribbon.  That stripe ribbon you see is the last of it's kind in my stock.  It's been in that jar of leftover ribbon for as long as I can remember.  I just couldn't get rid of it, and I'm glad I didn't because it's perfect for this layout.  I'm really not into brands actually.  As long as a particular piece of paper or embellishment looks good with another, that's what matters the most to me.  I don't want to limit my pages with just a particular brand.

For months I've been drooling for a card display rack.  Every now and then I would check out websites that sell them.  Earlier last week, I chanced upon a good deal for one.  Displays2Go was selling this greeting card fixture for $22.27 (originally $46.81).  Since I am planning to sell cards in a local craft show this year, I figured it would be just right to have one.  It came in 2 boxes, and it was very easy to assemble.  This is really a good buy.
I can't wait for Spring!!!  Too bad, I'll miss most of it though, because I'll be enjoying the sizzling hot summer in the Philippines and I'm soooo excited!  So, have you planned anything silly for April Fool's Day???  Here are some more observances for the coming month: 
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Cancer Control Month
  • Celebrate Diversity Month
  • Couple Appreciation Month
  • Injury Prevention Month
  • Jazz Appreciation Month
  • Month of the Military Child
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • National Decorating Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • Physical Wellness Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
They would all be good topics for a scrapbook page or even an album.  There are some of those that really interest me.  Check out my calendar for more daily and weekly holidays and observances for the month of April.

Saturday, March 29

Stop and Smell the Roses...

Meari suggested to paint my ribbon organizer black and white to match the rest of my craft room.  I bought this from Dek Development a few months back.  I finally did two days ago.  I just used regular black acrylic paint, and using the White Ultimate Gel Pen by American Crafts (the best white pen I've used so far!), I added the doodling with the aid of the pattern by The Crafters Workshop.  Then I added purple flower sequins for a little touch of color.  You can see more photos right here.  I also made my own ribbon holders/spools using the centers of the GlueDots and my Scotch ATG tape.  I knew I can make good use of those things.  I didn't want to throw them away.  I was able to make 5 of them.  There were some empty spools too, so what I did was just cover them with black paper and stamped over it.  It looked just like the rest of the spools I made.  It's really easy to make your own ribbon spools.  I made a tutorial right here.

While I was at DekDevelopment, I saw a new item in their product line.  Their Pen Organizer Box (scoll down to see) looks really interesting.  I like the idea that the organizer is inclined a bit, which is ideal for storing pens.  I want one.... maybe two???

Here's my latest traditional layout I made for FreckleFriend's March contest.  The theme was "lucky".  I used DCWV Rockstar and FarEast for the paper; K & Co and Colorbok for the alpha die cuts; Stampin' Up and Magnetic Poetry for the stamps; EK Success, Staedler, Spica and Sharpie for journaling; Ranger Inkssentials and Beadazzles for the flower accent in the bottom right; and Scotch, Duck and Glue Dots for adhesive. Misc. materials are spiral paper clips, blue brads and nail accents. I also used Adobe Photoshop Elements to tweak the photo and Canon MP700 Printer for printing.  While I was doing this layout, I realized there are so many things to be thankful for.  Most of the time, we don't even think about these little things.  Like what they say, it doesn't hurt to stop and smell the roses every now and then.

Time for me to eat lunch!


Thursday, March 27


I was able to finish my altered wood crate yesterday.  Ever since, I've liked the "black and white and another color" scheme.  I've seen other people do it with cards and scrapbooking layouts.  This is my shot at this really cool technique.  I painted the crate black, and foam stamped (Plaid Enterprises) it with white acrylic paint.  I wrapped a black lace around it, then I adhered the white assorted buttons on top.  I used ColorBok Prismatic Alpha Punch-Outs (from Walmart) for the words "create" and "inspire".  I added dimension on the die cuts using Pilot Latte.  For the flowers on the side, I painted a little bit of purple using Popstar Paint Pen I bought from Japan.  For the final touch, I adhered purple flower sequins on some of the buttons using Glue Dots. 

Now that I have started with this crate, I want to do the same with 9 other crates I bought from the 100 Yen Store back in Japan.  You can check out more photos of my Black & White & Purple Wood Crate here.

I recently discovered FreckleFriends through ScrapScene.  This website reminds me of SplitCoastStampers, only it focuses on traditional scrapbooking.  Since I don't belong to an online scrapbooking community, I decided to join this one.  So far, I find the people there really friendly.  They're actually having a contest for March, which is to make a layout all about LUCK.  I guess my muse is not lazy today, so I was able to make a layout about it.  My favorite thing about this layout is using the Ranger Inkssentials Glossy Accents and Suze Weinberg's Beadazzles.  Right now, I'm waiting for the guide lines to vanish (air erasable marker).

I thank Jerosha for the "enabler" she posted about the ShabbyPrincess website.  I was able to download a lot of freebies!  For this layout, I used the Urban Kiwi kit and Memory Mixer. I've been making a lot of scrapbook pages about my sister, and I haven't really done a single one about my brother.  I haven't seen him for 5 years, and I can't wait to see him next month!

Ok time for me to do house chores.....

Tuesday, March 25

Good Friday

Among Catholics, today's the commemoration of Jesus' death on the cross at 3 pm.  Time to ponder about our life and remember that Jesus died for our sins.  I remember we were not supposed to do anything "fun" on this day when we were kids.  But hey, most of the people I know back in the Philippines probably are out of town and having a great time at the beaches right now.

This week, I was able to do a small crochet project.  I made a little pouch for my niece-in-law's MP3 player.  I like the final product, that I want one of my own too!  It's my first time to use this kind of yarn.  It felt weird at first, but I like the final product.  Plus, I just used single crochet stitches on this, and it's very easy.

Like I said in another blog, I did finish the rest of the cards in the Ultimate Card Kit by Becky Higgins.  I noticed that the level of difficulty of the cards got higher as I went along.  But that was fine.  I still love the end results.  This card on the right is one of my favorites :) 

Check out the rest of the cards by clicking here.

Also, I was able to make another digital layout using Memory Mixer.   I used NBK for the background and flourish in the back.  The filegree in the bottom right is by Alice Koh.

A Day of Goodies

Who doesn't like to get goody mail?!?!?  On Monday, I got two packages:  one is an envelope with Felt Fusion from Creating Inspirations and the other one is a double page layout by Leah of SplitcoastStampers. 

I've been seeing the Felt Fusion line on scrapbooking magazines, and I've been wanting to try it.  It so happened that Creating Inspirations is having their closeout sale, and everything is 50% off, including sale items.  I can't wait to play with these!  Better take advantage of their sale, ladies :) 

I belong to a 12x12 Page Layout Monthly Scrapbook Club in SplitcoastStampers The members are assigned a month where they create a 2 page layout to be distributed to the other members.  So basically, if there are 12 members, you create 11 double page layouts (12 to include yourself) of the same design for the month you're assigned with.  Then you receive a double page layout every month (except your month), a total of 11 pages.  I like this system because you're assured of receiving something each month.  Just pray that there won't be any flakers (because the one in charge of February is one).  This is my second year being in this club and I love it.  I enjoy seeing what other people make.  Then it makes me ask myself "Why didn't I think of that???"

Last week, hubby bought a small crate of tangerines from Walmart.  And I told him, those are too many for us.  But when I saw the wood crate, I told him, go ahead and buy it.  Hahaha!  So yesterday, I started altering this wood crate, however it's not finished yet.  I figured it would be perfect to put in all the cards that I have made .

Also yesterday, I was able to finish another layout, this time a hybrid, showing my sister's graduation photos.  I'm really happy with the outcome!  I'm planning to submit it with a designer application this week, so I won't show the page yet.  Here's a sneak peak, though.  My goal this year is to get published in a magazine and/or become a designer for a few months or so.  I'd like to try something different this time.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 24

Starting the Week Right...

I had a great time with family yesterday .  We had a good Easter dinner and lots of chit chat.  The kids enjoyed painting my ceramic Easter bunny.  And they did a really good job! 

I think this bunny wouldn't look as good if I painted it myself.  Why is creativity so easy with kids?  When you're older, you think so much about technicality and which color would look best with what color.  These kids they just painted to their delight, and the outcome looks darn great!

After going home, I went straight to my planet and made more cards.  The kids' job with the Easter bunny inspired me to just do these cards and play and not think so much about the rules and technicalities. 

The rest of the cards you can see if you click right here.

Today, I want to do more work in the storage room.  I can't wait to see what I'll find in one of those boxes again.  And I want to make a new scrapbook page about my sister.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 22

Happy Easter!

This is supposedly the earliest Easter ever, it being on March 23rd.  I heard something about it will be another 200 years till we have an early Easter like this.  I guess we are lucky to be able to celebrate this "special" one.
This weekend I was basically busy making cards.  I want to get a booth in one of those craft shows sometime later this year, and sell my cards.  And for that, I will be needing to make a lot.  I still have to figure out how much I should sell my cards.  I'd like some input about that, please :)

Check out the other 19 cards I made here.

There's so many things I want and have to do (again!).  I'm supposed to make sample Christening cards for my college friend in Las Vegas, but my muse is not being helpful on that one yet.  I have to finish these samples by the end of this month.  Then I promised my sister I will make a graduation scrapbook album for her.  That has to be a traditional scrapbook.  And my muse is not helping with that either.  I have less than a month to finish this album.  Also I want to make a couple of small stained glass projects for my aunt and cousin.  I have less than a month to do that too.

And all I want to do right now is make cards.

Earlier this week I was doing some organizing in our storage room, and I finally came across my paper collection.  I bought these in Korea, Thailand, and Japan.  They are so beautiful!  I know I have to create something with them.  But for now, I just like them where they are.  I was telling my friends living in other countries, if you want to give me a present, buy me paper!  hehehe... 

By the way, if you're into those special papers, Paper Mojo is a good place to find them.  They carry all sorts of paper, even ones from different countries.  I try to stay away from this website as much as I can.

Guess what?  I got happy mail yesterday!  I really splurged at the Creative Express website, because they were having really good deals on a lot of items.  This is the same website where I bought those scrapbooking albums last year.  I really try to avoid visiting this site too, because it's really hard to resist buying.  Right now, you can get additional 10% off items in their warehouse sale category.

Yesterday afternoon, I chanced upon this movie "A Walk To Remember" starring Mandy Moore on TV.  And I bawled to death!  I'm glad my husband wasn't there to have a great time teasing me.  He just loves it when I cry at sad movies.   

Happy Easter everyone! :)

Wednesday, March 19


Yesterday was a really good day.  I took advantage of my hubby being at work, and I basically stayed in my planet.

After being disappointed with the Top That! Card Making Kit, I took out the Ultimate Card Kit by Becky Higgins which I bought a couple of years ago from QVC

This kit is awesome!  I made a review about it here.  Again, I will say that don't waste the chance when you see this kit and buy it!  I'm not even halfway through the kit, and I was already able to make 27 beautiful cards.  Sometimes, I would add a touch of my own in some of the cards, like doing some inking to add more dimension.  You can check out more of the cards by clicking here.  I'll be making more cards today, and I won't be surprised if I finish everything by tonight, because this kit is just soooo easy!

RedSlim08, whose art I really like, asked me to make something for him.  I just love his "dorwings", and I can't wait for when he can make a "dorwing" for me.  See the doodling on the hands in the layout below?  He made those.  Way cool, isn't it?  You can see more of his art in his photo albums right here.

For this layout, I used NBK for the background paper and the red vintage doily frame.  The swirlies and red ribbon came with Memory Mixer.  The rest of the embellishments are from Alice Koh (red zigzag stitch), Laura Alpuche (black arrow), Sande Krieger (red scalloped edge), Michelle Coleman (red stitches), Mikkel Paige (black circle doodle), Mindy Terasawa (white people holding hands), Rhonna Farrer (red bird), JEdwards (white paint splatter).  I used so many elements in here, I hope I didn't forget to give credit to somebody.

Hope you like this, Redslim!

Review: Ultimate Card Kit by Becky Higgins

Now this is what I call a card kit! I bought this from QVC about 2 years ago, and I finally opened it to make the cards. You can make 2 or 3 sets of each design, and the materials of each design is packed separately. 

Everything you need to make the cards are in the kit - to every blank card and envelope, from the smallest piece of paper, to the tiniest brad, to the shortest strip of ribbon. Basically, all you need is adhesive, and you can create the cards in this kit. You don't really need experience to make these cards, because the instructions in the booklet are really simple. And the great thing is, the final product is professional looking, IMHO. The cards you see in the instruction is exactly the one you create. In about 3 hours I was able to make 27 cards. That's how easy it was. The only thing that made me irk a bit is some of the cuts of some pieces are not exact - sometimes a bit short than it should be. But hey, you can always improvise and look into your stash. This kit is available at Becky Higgin's website. If you have a chance to buy this kit, BUY IT!

Check out the cards I made by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 18

Digital Freebies

I guess my muse is still with me.  I was able to create another layout, digital this time, using freebies from Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers.  The digital template is by Jessica Sprague, following the tutorial she made for CK.  I used the papers that came with Sande Krieger's Embrace Life for MM.  I put everything together using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

Get the 2 free digital templates from Creating Keepsakes, including the one I used, here.  Then watch and learn how to use digital templates with your Adobe Photoshop with Jessica Sprague's digital tutorial.
Also, download two more free digital kits from the Memory Makers website:    Frosted by Michelle Coleman, and one by Corina Nielsen.
By the way, Creating Inspirations is having a STORE CLOSING SALE.  50% off your entire order using the code 50create.  I just bought a bunch of Queen & Co. felt products.

And finally, ScrapNFonts are giving away 20 free fonts.


Monday, March 17

My Latest Page

My muse was with me last night.  After coming home from the casino (yeah, casino!), I went straight to my planet and started working on this page using my sister's creative graduation shot.  It's really great when you have a lot of supplies and materials on hand because you can whatever you want when your creative juices are flowing.  Sometimes I would feel bad for buying too much, but during these times I'm thankful I bought a certain spool of ribbon, a box of flowers or a pack of brads.

For this page, I used DCWV Purple Metallic cardstock for my background.  I attached assorted purple and gray ribbon, mostly leftovers, with grommets by WeRMemoryKeepers using the Crop-A-Dile 2.  Do you notice the black lace somewhere in the background?  I used a bunch of leftover purple flowers, brads, eyelets and sequins.  For the title, I used the very pretty alpha die cuts by ColorBok, which I bought from Walmart.  I also used my Dymo label maker for the phrase "ready for the" and alpha stickers for the word "world" by Mindwave (bought from Japan).  The chipboard at the bottom is by K & Co. while the "21" rub ons by Making Memories, after which I added some glitter glue for enhancement.  For adhesives, I use Scotch ATG 700, Duck, Fiskars and glue dots.  Because I used a lot of ribbon on this layout, I attached an 11.5 x 11.5 black cardstock in the back to secure the ribbons.  Plus that way, it's easier to insert the page in an album.

After seeing the final product, it justifies why I still prefer traditional to digital scrapbooking.  The look, feel, and texture of a traditional layout is far out better than just seeing a digital page on your computer monitor. 
I posted a lot more of my latest 12 x 12 pages.  Click right here to see them all.  Feel free to ask about the tools and techniques I used :)

Sunday, March 16

Last of Top That!

I've had it!  I didn't even finish the book that came with the Top That! Card Making Kit.  I did the last one last night, and that's it.    Time to move on. 

However, I enjoyed using the pink ink dauber in this card.  I added those itsy bitsy flowers on the chipboard flowers and buckle.  It's easy to do when you have the Sakura glue pen and Quickutz Quick Stick.  As for this Top That! kit, I won't even bother RAKing the book to others.  I really don't like this kit.

Today, I want to make a 12 x 12 scrapbook page about my babu sister's creative graduation shot.  I've been playing with the design in mind for a few days now.  And she has actually asked me to make her a graduation scrapbook album.  She's graduating from college with Cum Laude honors in the University of the Philippines.  I'm really proud of her!
Now let me start on that page....

Friday, March 14

Die Cut Madness

After seeing the demo of Pazzles Inspiration on HSN last night, I was so mad at myself.  Why did I buy the Cricut when it first came out two years ago?  Why didn't I wait?  I already felt bad when Cricut Expressions came out, and now that something a whole lot better is available, I feel miserable!  I have spent a bunch of moolah for my Cricut Machine and all its accessories, not to mention 10 cartridges.  What's more, I don't use my Cricut as often as I should.  Darn this technology thingy for coming up with better gadgets so fast.  Of course, I won't buy the Pazzles Inspiration because I have a Cricut that serves me well.  As a matter of fact, I have never complained about it and I'm always satisfied everytime I use it.  It's just that I wish I had the Pazzles Inspiration with all the features it has that Cricut doesn't.  Boo-hoo.

So because of my frustration, I went on a die cutting spree today.  I can say that I cut my heart out.  I went through all my Cricut cartridges and pushed those buttons.  Every cut I was telling to myself, you don't need that Pazzles!  You love your Cricut!  Over and over.  Hmp!  And you can see what I have made here and here.  I'm actually thinking of selling word and phrase die-cuts to some scrapbook shops in Manila when I go there next month.  There's no harm in trying, right?  Wish me luck on that!  Please!

I'ts almost 12 midnight and I couldn't help but make another card.  I actually like what I did with this one.  The kit's instructions said to use gold thread, but since I don't have one, I just wrote with a gold gel pen, and it had the same effect.  I also used the Fiskars dry embossing tool here.

Now it's really time for me to go to bed....!

Thursday, March 13

Product Alert: Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter

I am so glad that I didn't buy the Cricut Expressions Die Cut Machine after seeing the demo of the Pazzles Inspiration in HSN.  It connects straight to your computer, and it can cut whatever image or font you have in your computer.  This machine can cut paper, thick chipboard, cloth, metal, rubber, vinyl.  It has a pen tool where you can actually write using fonts on your computer.  Because it can cut rubber, you can make your custom stamps.  It does engraving on metal and glass.  Hmmmm... what else...  Oh yeah, the mat is 12 x 12, and if I'm not mistaken, they have a 12x24 too.  So you can cut as small as 1/4 inch to as big as 23 inches. 

 If you go to the Pazzles website, the machine is $599 which includes:
  • Inspiration™ Design software
  • 1 blade
  • 1 12” x 12” mat
  • Instruction manual and tutorials
  • 300 images
However, HSN is offering it for $549 only for today, in celebration of National Craft Month.  And their package includes:
  • Inspiration creative cutter machine - measures approx. 10"L x 21-1/2"W x 6-3/4"H
  • 2 cutting mats
  • Blade holder with installed blade
  • Inspiration Studio software set
  • 300+ image CD - includes 80 images exclusive to HSN
  • User's manual
  • Pen tool 
  • Pazzles craft knife
  • Pazzles pick tool
  • Pazzles chizzel
  • Pazzles ruler
  • Pazzles tweezers
  • Pazzles bone folder
  • Zippered tool kit 
 HSN is going to feature the Pazzles Inspiration again today at 12 pm, 5 pm and 9 pm ET.  If you don't have cable or satellite TV, you can just go to the HSN website and watch directly on your computer.
I would say that this machine has everything you'd want on a die cut machine, except for portability.  It sounds too good to be true.  But I'll definitely wait and see what other people say about it before I decide to buy.  Even though it's really tempting!!! 

Wednesday, March 12

Not Good

It's 2 pm, and I haven't had lunch and I'm still in my PJs.  Yeah, it's NOT good and I'm not supposed to blog about that, but I need to start with something.  Don't tell me you've never been in your PJs the whole day???

Yesterday, I finished my stained glass valance on the 3rd night of my advanced stained glass course.  This time, I was more confident in breaking and grinding glass.  I'm happy about this one, and it kinda matches with my first project.  Actually, I was just to cheap and I just wanted to use leftover glass, which I have a lot of.  My instructor Shirley Triplett said that's she's never heard or seen anybody do a stained glass valance before.  That kinda made me happy.  Duane said I should have added more glass to my valance and made it look longer.  However our instructor advised us to have 30 or less pieces in our chosen project.  So anyway, I'm thinking of making another and better valance for our master bathroom.  You can see more photos here.

I had a really good time actually yesterday, because I drove to class by myself (which is about 75 minutes away from us).  It was difficult for my husband to let me, but he finally did.  I left early enough to have time to do some grocery and craft shopping.  I would really have to say that Joann's is a lot better than Michael's when it comes to sale events and discounts.  Right now, most of the scrapbooking products at Joann's have 40% discount.  And I was able to buy a bunch.  My favorite buy is the My Creative Companion 2 book by Becky Higgins.  I used my 40% discount coupon on that one.  Becky Higgins is one of the popular names in the scrapbooking industry and she's come out with a lot of scrapbooking products.  I actually have her Ultimate Card Kit which I bought from QVC.  I haven't started that kit yet, but I will very soon!  By the way, you can download Becky's handwriting for free here.  There's another book that I am aching to buy, which is Best of Becky Higgins Sketches.  I'll have to wait for another Joann's coupon for that.

I was able to make 3 more cards using the kit by Top That!.  I'm actually really happy about this card that you see on your right.  I don't know if it looks like a mug of beer to you, but I'm pretty proud of this one.  I cut a mug from an acrylic cd protector, the one you get from spools of cds/dvds.  Then, I used Elmer's 3D Glue for the "beer".  For the foam, I used Popcorn Pens by Kodomo No Kao.  It's a Japanese brand.  I have a lot of its products, and I personally like their embossing powders.  I just love using this pen and see it turn into foam of some sort as you blast it with a heat gun.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with this pen.  And I'll definitely buy a lot more of these when I go to Japan in May.  You can see more cards here

I cooked Pancit (rice noodles) for lunch.  Yeah, in my PJs.  No, my husband is not home, that's why I'm still in my PJs.  But he will soon, so I'd better get off this computer! 

Monday, March 10


In the craft industry, CASEing is a popular term.  Some say, CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything.  For others, it stands for Copy And Selectively Edit.  And again, for quite a few, it means Copy And Steal Everything. 

This hobby is very diverse.  With all the materials presently available, you can make scrapbook pages, cards, small projects, big projects.  You see a lot of other people's work on the internet, magazines, books, craft stores, even newspapers and pamphlets.  Every now and then we see a layout, design or technique that we like, and we would copy them.  Maybe we will do exactly the same, or maybe add a touch of our own, or give it a totally different look based on that layout or design.  I would say, IMHO, that any of those that I just mentioned is CASEing.

This has been an issue for a lot of crafters who make their originals.  According to many, when you CASE a project and feature it in magazines, websites, your blog or homepage, it's but proper etiquette to mention who or where you CASEd it from.  It's also better to include its link in your CASEd project.  For some of those who create originals, CASEing is a form of flattery.  If other crafters copy their design, layout or technique, that means what they did is really good.  They also consider it as free advertisement.  However, other crafters don't see it that way.  Especially when money is involved.  Most of the time, we don't even think about those things when we CASE something.  We just love to create.

Money.  I guess that's what makes the big difference with the CASEing issue.  If somebody makes money from CASEing your original design, what would you do?  The big question is, how would you even know if somebody is CASEing you?

But then, scrapbooking digital elements and designs would be a different story.  I've heard and read a lot of stories about people who actually copy from others, and sell for a profit.  Now that is a totally different story.  I just can't understand why people do that.  Isn't the bottom line for everything is ETIQUETTE and HONESTY?  Why would you even claim somebody else's creations as yours?  And worse, make money out of it?  I am very thankful to those who offer their digital creations for free.  Hey, FREE.  So why won't others just be thankful and use those freebies as much as they like?  Why do they have to turn around and sell them or claim it as their own?  The sad thing is, there's no way this can be controlled.  Until somehow a law is made for this type of situation.

Here's what I think.  When you post your original creations anywhere, especially on the internet, you should be aware of the risk of CASEing, whether you will be credited or not.  How would you know if your original creation is being used in China, Australia or Antarctica right now?  I guess that's the risk.  If you don't want other people to CASE your original creations, don't post it on the web or submit to magazines, etc.  Just keep it to yourself, or sell it on your own.  Or if you want to spend some money, get a copyright or something.  If you want to CASE something, give proper credit.  Especially if you totally copied the entire thing.  Let's make the craft world a happy place :)

For my case, I really don't care.  Some of my creations were inspired from other creations.  Some of them my originals.  But still I post them on my homepage, and I do my best to give credit to others' creations.  Bottom line is, I want to share.  Maybe somehow, others may get ideas and be inspired from what I did.  I guess that's my way of paying it forward to those who shared their own creations and have inspired me.  And I really believe in this thing called karma.

So fellow crafter, what do you think about this CASE-ing issue?  I would love to hear from you :)

Sunday, March 9

Review: Top That! Greeting Card Kit

I bought this card making kit in CostCo Japan a year or so ago. I finally had the time to do it. The kit comes with an instruction book and some of the materials needed in making the cards. The card size they used for this kit is 5 x 5. I was excited to start this kit. And as I go along, I found out that most of the materials in the book are not in the kit. If you have a lot of materials in stock it would be easy to put the cards together. But some of the materials mentioned were Hessian fabric, sack linen, Holographic paper/card, cathedral pattern blade scissors, Fillament gold thread, silk flowers, "hoki" fern punch, foil snowflakes, among others.

If you are new to card making and you don't have a stash, it won't be easy to get a hold of those materials. And I would imagine newbies to just not make the cards and give the kit away or just keep it in the drawers or something. I was getting irritated as I make the cards one by one. Card-making kits nowadays include all the materials (except the tools), so you just basically put the stuff together. However, the good thing about this kit is that you can use your imagination and think of alternatives for the materials that are not available. That's not a problem if you've been doing this hobby for quite a while. But like I said, if you're a beginner, you won't appreciate this kit. 


Two days ago, I received a box full of goodies from one of my SplitCoastStampers Secret Sisters from Ohio. 

I was happiest with the stamp pad from Stampin' Up, because I really want to just use that brand of stamp pands in the future.  I just don't have access to Stampin' Up products right now, but when I do, I'd like to have all their stamp pad colors.  Plus, the fact that I have 4 of the Ikea Stackebo DVD Holders.  Yeah, DVD Holders.  

The Stampin Up stamp pads fit perfectly in those DVD holders.  You can see a sample by CurlyCurlyHair of SplitcoastStampers.  Ikea must be wondering why their DVD holders are always sold out.  Its because stampers across America have been buying them.  Too bad, Ikea's not carrying them anymore.  I also got 2 Spica pens.  There has been a craze about those Spicas.  Now that I have two of them, I guess I'll find out why.  A big thank you to My Group 2 SGF!  I just had one of the chocolate bags for dessert! 

For the past 2 days, I have been trying to catch up with my cross-stitch project, which I have talked about in another blog entry. 

Well, I'm almost halfway done!  The frustrating thing about cross-stiching is that it takes forever to finish.  But I like the way you see how the picture shows bit by bit as you stitch along.  I just wish that I can finish it already, so I can start a new one!  By the way, my favorite cross-stich website Cross Stich Collectibles has a new free pattern for March, which you can get here.

I have been making cards with this kit I bought from Costco.  It's called Make Your Own Greeting Cards by Top That! 

It comes with an instruction book and some of the materials you will need to make the cards.  If you see this kit anywhere, don't buy it.  You can read more about it in a review I made here.  Some of the cards I created with this kit are here.

OK, time to do work in the basement.

Wednesday, March 5


Who can't resist special deals?  I don't know if it's because of National Craft Month, but it sure makes a lot of crafters happy.  Just a few days ago I received a bunch of 40% coupons from Joann's (which I haven't used yet), and another 50% coupon a few minutes ago.  And then, Alice Koh's having her Product Launch Week where you can get 25% off all her digital products.  And who can't resist the Specials section under $2?  All the more I had to buy from her store because her In My Garden Doodles Collection are currently in the Specials section.  The first time I saw it in her homepage, I just fell in love with it!  This is my take of her beautiful collection.  I also used her Cardboard Alphas (colored and plain) on this layout.

And then, last night, I received an email from StampingBella saying that I'm a challenge winner and I won a $15 gift voucer in their website.  I honestly don't know which challenge it was, because they never said.  But hey, I'll take it.  And thank you very much to StampingBella!  I have some of your stamps and I love them!

About two weeks ago, I blogged about crocheting a long-sleeve bell tunic.  I just finished it about 30 minutes ago and I'm wearing it right now. 

It's not perfect, but I'd say this is my best crocheted piece of clothing.  If you notice in the magazine that I showed in my other blog entry, it was loose.  Mine ended up just right for my size, the way I want it actually.  I might add more to the sleeves, make it a little bit longer.  Yesterday, I wore the sleeveless tunic I made before this one.  I wore it over a brown turtle neck long sleeve shirt, and it looked fine.  Sorry no pics!

I have made quite a few cards, but I'll show them in my next blog.  My right index finger still hurts from grinding glass!

Tuesday, March 4

Who Loves Homework?

I have four cuts on my right index finger, one on my right thumb, and probably a glass splinter on the right thumb.  I got it from grinding glass, not cutting, which is kinda funny.  I have mentioned in another blog entry about my taking beginner's stained glass classes with DH. 

And now, I'm in the advanced class.  Our teacher Ms. Triplett of Stained Glass Co. gave us homework to do.  In this class, we have to choose our own pattern/design.  You can make your own if you wish.  I got my pattern from a book, but I made a twist to it.  My project is going to look like a valance for my craft window.  Then, we had to do the prep work at home, which includes cutting the pattern, cutting the glass, grinding and most of the foiling.  We'll do most of the soldering in class, which is this evening.  No, DH didn't take this class this time.  He said the stained glass hobby is too detailed work for him.  Oh well...

This weekend, I was making cards from a kit I bought a year or two ago.  I'll tell you more about this kit in another blog, but after I'm done doing all the cards.  I hope to finish them all tomorrow. 

For now, you can see how messy my craft desk is.... lol!

In another blog entry, I mentioned about crocheting a blouse.  It's about 85% finished, and I can't wait!  I'll post it as soon as it's done :)

By the way, it's Celebrate Your Name Week.  Now's a good time to make a scrapbook page about your wonderful name.  I've been researching about my name on the internet, and I have found some interesting facts.  Also, today is International Scrapbooking Industry Day.  You might want to check out your favorite scrapbook stores and they might have some special deals.