Friday, July 13


Ok, ok!  I wrote a few weeks ago about my pledge of NOT buying anymore scrapbook stuff until the end of this year.  And I'm proud to say up to this point, I was doing a good job.  Actually, a great job!  I snobbed the scrapbook aisles in Walmart, and Joann's and Michael's too!  I'm giving 2 big thumbs up to my hubby for keeping his promise of keeping me away from those stores.  In fact, there was this scrapbook store that I really wanted to see when we were in Saginaw, and he held my hand and walked me away.

But finally, I gave in to temptation.  Creative Express was and is having a really good deal on a lot of their items, especially the scrapbook albums.  Who can't resist an 8 x 8 album for $1.50 or a 12 x 12 album for $3???  And I tell you, these albums are really cool!  They are not generic albums because they carry the Provo Craft brand name.  Totally brand new and really good quality.  Check them out here.  They are even selling the new Cricut Expression for $369.99 which is a really good price compared to the market price of $499.  But I'm not going to buy that.... yet!  (You can actually get the Cricut Expression at Costco for $349, but you have to avail Costco Membership for $50).

So why am I writing this?  To share with you this opportunity to buy dirt cheap scrapbook albums.  Check them out at Creative Express.
For the record, this is the ONLY exception to the NO MORE HOARDING RULE. 

Thursday, July 12

So Many Ideas... But What???

Yeah, yeah, yeah!  I have TONS of projects in mind.  LOTS!  But the ratio of those projects to the ones that I have done has a big difference.  And the number of projects in mind has the bigger number.  I have all the tools and supplies I need.  All I need is to just freaking start!    I used to work a lot before we moved to the States.  And yet, I still found time to do my crafts.  Now that we have moved, and I'm what you will appropriately call a "home maker," it seems I'm not creating much more.  I should be able to do more pages, cards and projects.  And it's frustrating!  Arg!  But you have to admit it, making one project takes a lot of time.  And when I'm in the process of doing one, I feel guilty because that's what all I do in one whole day.  I feel guilty that my husband is out there working his butt off, and I'm at home just scrapbooking or crafting.  But it's not JUST scrapbooking, right?  If it's not just scrapbooking, then what is it to me?  Scrapbooking is one of my many ways of expressing myself.  It relaxes me.  It preserves memories.  Many years down the road, when my kids and grandchildren see those pages, I want them to be glad that they're able to see those expressions.  I don't want to be just a mother or a grandmother who just kept the house clean and cooked meals everyday.  I want to be a mother/grandmother who is creative.  I want to leave a family legacy with those pages and other works of art.  Something for my kids and grandkids to pass on to their own kids and grandkids, and so on.

Let me start working on something.....

REVIEW: Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

Category:  Other
I first discovered this glue pen in Yuzawaya in Japan. I didn't know what it was at first (because it's all in Japanese), but then I figured it out. It's the best glue pen I've ever tried. It's best for adhering thin die cuts (especially letters) and other intricate paper cuts. When you apply it, it just flows smoothly, and the tip doesn't clog at all! Because it actually looks like a pen, I like the fact that the cap is shaped differently, so you'll know right away when it's in the same location as your other pens. Plus, you can use this for other things aside from gluing stuff. You can write with it, and sprinkle glitter on it, or even emboss with it. This just proves that Japanese products are always of high quality. I'm really glad that it's available in the States. This would be one of the scrapbooking supplies I can't do without.