Monday, December 26

Tape Origami Star

It has been a tradition of mine to make ornaments to give as gifts.  This Christmas, the star of my projects are... yes.  Stars.  

Back in Japan, my sister and I went to a big craft show in Tokyo, and we bought this Origami Paper Star kit.  I remember us making these stars on the bus ride home.  I still have those stars, and I used them to decorate our wreath this year:

There were still some left, so I thought to use them for my ornaments this year.  I dug out the original instruction which is, by the way, in Japanese.  I asked our exchange student what the title said, and she said Tape Origami Star.

Then I have several of these which I bought on a separate trip - I think in Thailand.  I knew they were for making Origami Stars. And I was right.

It did take me a whole day to make the stars I needed for my ornaments.  The size was perfect to put in the empty ornaments I got from a craft store.  Then I added small bells for a final touch.  I sure am very happy with the result.

Then I had some nice bags which I folded and tied with a string with the ornaments attached.  It's perfect to put gifts received during our Christmas party.  

These ornaments were a hit.  I'm glad!

Merry Christmas everybody... 'til next blog!

Sunday, October 30

Pick Your Poison

I was inspired by a fellow crafter after she posted a project using Starbucks bottles.  I have used these bottles before, but it has been a long time.  Her post reminded me that I still have a lot of them hiding in the basement.  So for my Halloween treats this year, I used up all the bottles I have left.

I covered the bottle caps with punched DP, and quickly did some stamping for the front, which was layered on black cardstock cut with Spellbinders.

Now we're all set for Halloween.  Just in case we run out, we have more goodies in treat bags.

'Til next blog!

Saturday, October 22

Craft Show

I have enough cards to sell in a small craft show in town.  I thought I won't be able to make it, but I did.  My decorations for my table is still the same as my past shows, only I added this one:

This was a project I made a few years back, and has been hanging in the laundry room.  It was a calendar with a "country" theme decoration.  I painted it black and adhered DP and cork sheets to achieve this look.  I thought I could use it for this craft show I was in today.  All I needed to add were the letters to showcase Tinker Planet.  Those are just alpha stickers I adhered to corrugated card stock and cut to size.  I really like the look!

'Til next blog!

Wednesday, October 19

Brag Post

Yep.  I'm going to have to brag.  It's going to be quick though.

I got this drawing made by our exchange student from Japan.  She loves to draw and she's awesome!!!

'Til next blog!

Friday, August 26

Graduation Card

I only got to make one graduation card this year.  It's kind of a relief because I sure have been busy this summer.  And because I've been busy, this is going to be quick.

The recipient of the card is an athlete, and has broken records in the State of California in foot ball and track & field.  And I'm proud to say he's my nephew :)

I made this little pull out thing for his gift of money.  Just a piece of die cut attached to a paper clip.

Hope he liked it... 'til next blog!

Thursday, July 28

Picture Frame

There is a small group of Filipino-American community in Northern Michigan.  Twice a year, the members would gather and enjoy home-made Filipino food and activities.  For the summer party, I wasn't able to make it due to prior engagements, but I wanted to make something for them to use.  I had two cardboard pieces from a rolling cart that I thought I could use as a base frame for a photo booth. I saved it for a future project, and the summer party was a perfect opportunity to utilize it.

So I painted the cardboard white, and started decorating.  The alphas are mainly chipboard and big stickers, while the stars were foam sheets cut with Spellbinders dies.  Of course, this frame's gotta have bling.  

To me, the most important part of this photo frame are the colors. The left side features colors from the Philippine Flag, while the right side shows colors from the American Flag.

I may be absent from the event, but it sure feels good that a lot of their pics have my work in it.

'Til next blog!

Saturday, July 16

AlpenFest 2016

I have said many times before how I like to go to craft shows to support crafters and get inspiration.  I also like to find unique creations, interview their maker and feature them in my blog.  In this year's Alpenfest, I was expecting the usual vendors selling leather goods, jewelry, paper crafts, sewn products, etc.  

Guess what?  I found a couple of awesome crafters.  The first one is the Magnetic Bulletin Board.  I passed by their booth and I had to stop and take a look.  I took my time and admired these metal goodies.  They deserve a spot in my planet.

I talked to the owner to express my fondness of their product.  They said the handmade crafting industry can be challenging.  In their case, somebody copied their work and started selling in brick and mortar companies.  They had to protect their business and went to court.  They won their case, and decided not to sell their products online and just focus on craft shows.  

It's sad that crafters have to be affected by mass production.  I know how that feels when I see mass produced handmade cards sold  at a dollar store so cheap.  Who would buy handmade cards in a craft show when they know they can get it a lot cheaper in brick and mortar stores?

Anyway, after much solo deliberation, I got this for my craft room:

The colors are perfect for Tinker Planet's color scheme.  I am very happy!

The next crafter I'd like to feature is also an author:  Norman Reed. His booth showcases his latest book "The Black Angel of the Lord" which he co-authored with his wife Lynn.

He also created awesome vases/pots made with bath towels and cement.  I think it's brilliant!  I gotta have one of his work to add to my collection.

I'm glad I didn't have to go far to meet and discover new crafters.  Given my busy real life schedule, these two purchases were a really nice treat.

'Til next blog!

Monday, July 11

It's a Girl ! Part 2

I always like to make stuff for parties.  I jump on it when I get the chance.  I've heard people say why spend so much time in making them when you can just buy them so cheap at a dollar store.  I get it.  In this fast paced world, time is of an essence.  Some people just don't have time.  But I like to make time for things like this. Besides, handmade decor makes the event extra special and memorable.  I do have a rule when it comes to this.  When I make things like this, it's because I want to do it.  I don't like to get paid or receive anything in return.  To me, the fun goes away when there's money involved.  And it makes the process stressful. 

Anyway, when I learned of my friend's baby shower, the first thing that came to mind was to make a banner.  I love making banners. She picked a baby dress stamp for her invitation cards, which I used to make the banner.  I stamped the image, embossed it, scanned it, then enlarged it with the magic of Photoshop.   

The letters were cut with Cricut - sorry, can't remember the cartridge. I used the same edge punch used is the same as what was on the invites. 

This next project is a first for me.  My friend found this idea online, and I thought it was just brilliant!  The guests are to write their names on each dress, then hang it on the clothesline.  Aside from being a guest book, it is also a keepsake for their first baby. 

My friend picked the wooden frame, then I did the rest, trying to stick to the baby shower invitation design.

For souvenirs, she picked some hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works.  This was a quick project, as I just did a whole lot of paper punching (all Stampin' Up).

See my name on one of the dresses already?  I was so sick that day, that I just went to drop off all the goodies.  I didn't want anybody else to catch what I had, so I left right away.  Hey, at least I get to sign the guest book.

See the white box above?  That's where all the dresses are for the Guest Book.  It's actually a watch box.  Just didn't throw it away, and now I found a good use for it.

And since we have leftover materials, I made a Thank You Card Set to give out to her guests.

This sure is one of my biggest baby shower projects ever.  It's not over yet, as I still have to make the baby's first year scrapbook.

'Til next blog!

Wednesday, July 6

Kiddie Signs

This is going to be short and sweet.  I'd have to say Tinker Planet has been busy with guests this summer.  After the wood signs we made last month, we had had two nieces and their friend come over to do some crafting.  I had 12 x 12 chipboard so I had them make name signs to hang in their bedroom.  They selected the DP for their background, the alphas for their names, and embellishments as well.  It was a fun girls' day!

'Til next blog!

Monday, July 4

It's A Girl ! Part 1

A good friend was having a baby girl and asked to make baby shower cards to give to friends, family and co-workers.  I happily obliged, had her come over to the planet and did some planning. She chose the colors pink and lime green for her theme, and selected the different tools and embellishments we'll be using for the cards.  

We picked the date to tackle this quest, and ended up with four people making the cards together.  Each one had a job to do - from cutting, folding, die cutting, embossing, stamping to assembly.  I always love it when friends come over for some paper crafting fun. 

Let me tell you a secret:  even the soon-to-be Daddy helped out. After this session, he became an expert die cutter and embosser. Men can be a natural at this! This is actually a happy thought, because no male, not even my husband, has ever done any crafting in my planet.  He sure made a mark over here.

We made a total of 40 cards that day.  Everything about the card was conceptualized by the future Mom.  

Materials used:
stamps - Simple Chic Stamps by Provo Craft (retired)
tools - Cuttlebug embossing folder, Spellbinders dies, Martha Stewart edge punch
embellishments - bling, Recollections embossing powder

We have a good number of layers and texture - which I always love.

We just used MS Word for the text inside the card.

And for an added touch, we embossed the flap of the envelope. 

The cards fit perfectly in this recyclable box.  Glad I keep them sometimes.  It can be frustrating when you need one soon after you take them to the recycling center.  Not this time.

I also made something else for the baby shower decorations.  I'll be sharing that with you soon.

'Til next blog!

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