Friday, July 31

Bits and Pieces

Stained Glass/Ceramics Studio: First Look (plus a New Card)Let me start off with some good news.  I mentioned about our printer finally retiring in a prior blog entry.  And finally we got a new one.  We have been a Canon junkie, and needless to say, our new printer is also from Canon.  Kudos to Canon for giving us a customer loyalty discount and we got the Pixma MX860 at a really good price.  So far, I love all the features in this printer.  The size is perfect and better than the old printer.  We are expecting it to last us as long as the one that broke.  Hopefully even longer.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Alpen Fest in a nearby town.  I always like to go to Town Festivals and look around, especially when they have vendors selling different kinds of stuff.  I bought this really unique album, described as a "foldable scrapbook album" by the vendor.  I always like to support crafters like her.  I can't wait to put photos in this album, and also try to see if I can make one like it.

Speaking of crafters, one of the vendors in the farmers' market/craft show in our town was selling fabric projects and even crocheted items.  She had crocheted lid holders, but the first thing I thought was a hat for my Pullip dolls.  She was so nice that she gave me one of them.  Zuora is happy and my other 2 Pullips are jealous!  hehe.


Last week, my DMIL, three DSILs and I went on a girls' trip to FrankenmuthWe had lunch at the Bavarian Inn, walked around downtown, and did some shopping.  We went to the famous Bronner's Christmas Store.  It is a big store filled with anything Christmas and I have been looking forward to see the place.  However, I have to say that being an Asian and from the Philippines, I was quite disappointed because a big percent of the items they sell are made in China.  I was expecting more stuff locally made from different countries.  But I was so happy to see a Christmas tree topper made from the Philippines.  I've been looking for a topper for our tree and that star was perfect - especially made with Capiz shells.  For Filipino standards, the price is very expensive.  But if you're living here in the US, you can say it is pretty reasonable.  Anyway, what made my trip to Frankenmuth are the printers' drawers.


I have been wanting to have them for a long time.  I searched on Ebay before but they are pretty expensive, about $20-40, excluding shipping for a 32 1/4" x 16 3/4" size.  But I chanced upon them in one of the stores in Downtown Frankenmuth, on sale for only $9.99 each, originally $19.99.  I couldn't pass it up, so I decided to buy 4 drawers.  For now, I'm planning to use them to store my beads.  Where the location will be, I'm still trying to figure that one out.
Tomorrow is another day at the farmers' market/craft show in town.  I hope it will be a better day because the other 2 weeks weren't as good as the first.  I received some special orders for cards, which is really nice.  In fact, I just finished 2 of them - a birthday card and an anniversary card.  


Please click here to see the cards in detail.
I have been re-stamping the back of my card creations to show my name and craft website.  I was able to do this with JustRite Stampers.  With their alphabet sets, you can customize your stamps and convey what you want to say.  Given this, I'm considering on investing on other sizes and shapes of their stampers.


Right now, I'm busy finishing our garage.  That's where my stained glass studio is going to be.  I really aim to comlete this project before I leave for California.  Wish me luck on this one.
That's it for now.... till next blog!

Sunday, July 26

Creatively Inspiring Day

Creatively Inspiring Day I was determined to leave home early yesterday to go to the annual Fiber Arts Festival in Castle Farms, Charlevoix.  

I have marked my calendar months ahead for this event and I have been looking forward to this day.  At first, I thought the show would be all about just yarn, crochet and knitting.  But it was more than that.  It was also about different kinds of yarn and fiber from sheep, angora, alpaca, llama and even camel.  Some vendors also showcased felting and rug hooking.  There were also some who were selling beads, clothes, pottery and handmade soaps.  You can also have your take on sheep shearing, weaving, fiber dying, spinning, etc.  It was also my first time to see Angora Rabbits.  Being in this event, I again realized how art can be expressed in so many ways.


My favorite part was learning how to do felting. I've always seen felt projects being sold in craft shows like bags, wallets, and other accesories.  I've seen also seen books about felting.  But I never really understood the craft, until yesterday.   I was just looking around and I chanced upon Back to Back Fiber Products and they were conducting make and take projects for everyone.  I was able to make a zipper pull and learned how to make a felted bead.  It was so much fun!  


There is also one vendor that really interested me.  Spruce Ridge Studios does really wonderful rug hooking art.  The artist Kris Miller was demonstrating rug hooking and she was very accomodating.  I had to buy one of her kits and give this craft a try.  When will I start?  Probably not soon, but I definitely will.


I didn't expect to spend 3 hours in the Fiber Arts Festival, but it was all worth it.  I had to learn the hard way to bring a check book to events like this because not all vendors accept credit cards.  And there was no ATM machine in the area.  In a way, that was a good thing and I didn't have to deal with impulse buying.  I'll definitely go to the Fiber Arts Festival again next year.  In fact, I'll include this in my yearly list of things to do.
On the way back, I stopped by a pottery studio called Otis Pottery, which I saw on my way to Castle Farms.  DH and I have always liked pottery, and we have a collection of them, mostly Japanese.  When I walked into the studio and saw the items, I already thought they have a Japanese touch to them.  My guess was right upon seeing the owner and artist Ms. June Otis.  She does have pure Japanese roots although born and raised in the US.  I wish DH was there to see her work.  I'd love to go to one of her classes in the winter if given the chance.  


After driving a few more miles, I had to stop at Jordan Valley Glassworks.  I've always wanted to see this place and yesterday was my chance.  As soon as I entered their studio, I was in awe.  I wish I was rich so I can buy all the pieces that I like.  They not only do they blow glass, but they also do stained glass.  Too bad they don't do classes.  I've always wanted to learn how to do hand-blown glass.


While back in the road, I saw a sign about fiber and yarn and I just had to stop by.  The sign led to a farm called Stonehenge Farm and Fiber Mill.  They are actually one of the vendors in the Fiber Arts Festival, but the owner was nice enough to show me their shop and even all the equipment and machinery they use to make their yarn. 


I consider this day a craft road trip with all the things I saw and experienced.  To be honest, I've been brain dead and haven't done anything crafty lately.  But this trip did nourish my spirit and inspired me to create. 
Going back to "reality", I stopped by Big Lots and they were selling a lot of Martha Stewart craft items for $1 each.  I bought a bunch of ribbons, and I was glad that I finally got to swipe the darn card! 

Friday, July 17

Oh No!!!

Our most loyal Canon printer finally gave in.  It served us for about 5 years, and now it's broke.  The first thing that came to mind:  how will I make scrapbook pages now?  This also affected my responsibilities with TDS.  I'll just have to make it up to them one way or another.
Now come to think of it, it's been a long time since my traditional scrapbook page.  And what's mad is now that the printer is broke, I'm aching to make a scrapbook page.  Can you tell how crazy I am?  Good thing I still have an HP portable printer and I was able to make a traditional LO.

 This is a page about our one day stopover in New Mexico a couple of years ago.  We were just passing by as we drive from Washington State to our new hometown here in Michigan.  Albaquerque was a fun place to visit.  I just wished that we had more time.  We also enjoyed the Pepper Emporium which sells a lot of hot sauce and chili from around the world.  It was like another kind of heaven for me.  While making this page, I realized the real purpose of scrapbooking.  It is to preserve memories.  

 New Mexico

Showing Title

Showing Insert

Also, I had my 2nd day at the craft show in our town today.  But the weather was bad, cold and rainy.  That made people want to stay home.  As much as I like the rain, it won't be good for my cards at the moment.  The nasty weather forced all vendors to pack up really early and go home.  In other words, I didn't do good today.  But looking at the bright side, I was able to do more chores at home given last night's dinner with DH's family.  And my planet looks more decent... hahaha!

Monday, July 13


Amigurumi I was able to make my first Amigurumi a few days ago.  I can't believe it took me forever to make.  I guess the first time is always difficult.  Because this is basically just a trial project, I used leftover yarn from my Crocheted Valance project a few weeks ago.  My Amigurumi has a weird snout, and I hope it still looks like a bear... hahaha!


Also, I got to play with my Pullip Dolls for a bit this afternoon.  I bought a couple of Cheetah Dolls from Big Lots at a really good price.  And yeah, I bought them for the clothes.  I've never taken my Pullips outside, so I did.  It was pretty challenging because it was a bit windy.  While I was dressing up my Haute, her left hand got broke.  I was so mad.  


I'm so glad that Loctite Super Glue worked well and I was able to put the pieces back together.  Click here to see the photos.

Friday, July 10

My First Craft Show

I haven't blogged lately for this reason. I was busy preparing for my first craft show. Our local community is holding a farmer's market/craft show every Friday starting today all throughout the summer. And for the first year, the spots are free. You just have to show up with your table and merchandise. Since the venue is only about 2 miles away, I decided to participate. It feels pretty weird to be the seller this time. I love to go to craft shows and be the customer. Because today's the first day, there are not that many vendors - but it's a start. Hopefully it will pick up in the coming weeks. As for my sales, so far so good. In fact I got the first sale among all the vendors. It is a very good start for me. Right now, I'm trying to post this using my cellphone internet. I took photos using my cellphone too. Anyway, while waiting for customers, I keep myself busy by coloring images. I also have my latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. You know what's more fun? I can watch my DH work. Haha!


Wish me luck fellow crafters! 

Sunday, July 5

A Few Things...

This past week had been soooo hectic with relatives visiting, 4th of July and volunteer work.  We just held our biggest party at home with 25 people and guess what?  I was so busy that I forgot to take photos.  Not a single photo of the party.  That is frustrating.  But I still plan on making a scrapbook page to notate the details.  That is going to be a challenge but I'm willing to take it.


Amidst everything, I stole some time to make a birthday card for my DSIL.  I knew if I mail it on Friday, it would reach her the next day, just before her birthday which is today.  But guess what?  I arrive at the PO and it's already closed.  Apparently, they were only operating til 12 noon on Friday in preparation for 4th of July.  I guess I'll have to revise this card and make it a belated birthday card.  Looking at the bright side, I am now able to take photos to share with you.  Because this was meant to be a quick card to begin with, I used K & Company Designer Cards for my base.  Then I accented with Nestabilities Labels 1, Spellbinders Photo Buckle and Dewdrops Golden Berry.  The embossed cupcake image is by Inkadinkado, cut with SU Label Punch.  All the sentiments are by Cloud 9 Designs.  You can see more photos here.

Also, The Daily Scrapper has just released its 11th issue.  I wrote an article there about Crafty Gardening.  Don't forget to download our free digital kit Tropical Retreat sponsored by Gotta Pixel, which you'll know more about in this article.  What's more special about this issue is the launch of TDS Studio, an exclusive club offering one of a kind kits specially designed by hand picked talented designers and great stores in the digital scrapbook industry.  Currently on display is Radiant Grunge by Armina Designs.  Here is a page I made using this wonderful kit.  I also used CK Ali's writing for the journaling font and Alpha Doodle by Kaye Winiecki for the main title.  This digital page was assembled with Memory Mixer 2.


Interested to join this exclusive club?  Click here for more information.  Really it doesn't matter where you are.  Once you're a member, all you have to do is download the digital scrapbooking kits, and create away.
'Till next blog!