Saturday, December 29

Wedding Card

I may have been absent from my planet for a long time, but that doesn't mean I wasn't doing some craft shopping.  Thanks to HSN for having those craft events where you can just sit on the couch with a little angel on your lap, cellphone in one hand... and the rest is history.  

So I got this die set by Crafter's Companion called Die'Sire Circle Swing Kinetic Dies.  I have to say it was actually easy to use.  Perfect for a wedding card I want to make for our nephew and soon to be niece-in-law.

Stamps:  Verve

Sentiment Stamp:  Verve

On a side note... I was very sad when I learned that Verve Stamps closed this year.  I am glad I have a good collection of their brand.

I guess it's not bad having two card projects before the year ends.  Hopefully next year will be more productive and exciting for Tinker Planet.  

I had an awesome 2018.... and 2019 will be double all that!

Wednesday, December 19

Wreath All My Love

I have to have a real wreath this year.  And just like before, I have to decorate it.  My favorite glue for this type of project is Fabri-Tac by Beacon.  I discovered it at the one and only CHA convention I attended in Anaheim a few years back.  Since then, I must always have this in stock.

For this wreath, I just added bling to it.  I actually like the effect... more like frozen water beads.  I didn't touch the bow that came with, as I don't have much time.  This wreath needs to hang before Christmas.

'Til next blog!

Tuesday, December 18

Christmas Card

My first love is singing.  My friends and family know it.  In fact, I didn't craft for over a year, but my singing with the band continued.  Even until my bump was about to burst.  I guess it only makes sense that my first craft project since my absentia from Tinker Planet was band related.

I was tasked to send Christmas cards to our clients this year.  And what a good reason to get rid of the rust from my hands.  But it has to be clean and simple, since it's my first craft project in a long time.

I looked for any music stamps I have in my catalog, and sure enough I found a good number of them.  We are a 5-piece band and luckily I have stamps for all five of us.

Images:  Inkadinkado, Unity Stamp Co.
Sentiment:  Unity Stamp Co.

It sure feels great to work in my planet again... although there is no planet yet.  I hope our clients like it.

'Til next blog!

Thursday, November 22

The Move

After over 11 years of existence, Tinker Planet has to move.  A highly important being was created and he needs to take over the room in the next few months.  I have mixed feelings about this big change.  Mainly because of having the move all of, as DH bluntly puts it, crap, down the basement.  Good thing I have my DS to help me out.  And without further ado... here is the new location of Tinker Planet.

It is actually slightly bigger in space... there will be no door, which will make it look more roomy.  I will for sure go crazy in figuring out a new layout for my craft space.  But I am up for the challenge!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 3


Yep.  I was MIA for many months.  That's because we just had a new addition to our family... something we have all been waiting for. Yeah!

So to give me a break, my DSIL took me to a paint and sip class.  I've been wanting to try this for a long time.  Painting is something way out of my comfort zone.  But I was ready to try this one, with a drink that looked alcoholic so I could "blend in".

I really like the shape of the wood base.  I'd like to have the tool that does that!

The teacher of the class would tell us step by step on how to finish the painting.  Makes it really easy for someone like me who has never painted a picture in her life.

See my "alcoholic"-looking drink? 

And this is my first painting ever!  It's probably nothing compared to most people, but I sure like it.  I have to look for a spot at home to put it.

'Til next blog!

Sunday, January 21


Coloring is as far as I can get, if you even consider it crafting.  But really, the colored pages can be used as a background for a scrapbook page or a card front.  It's like a stamped image on a much bigger scale.  

Whoever thought of adult coloring books... thank you for helping me get through this point of my life!

Monday, January 1


So... DH gave me a spirograph for Christmas.  It's my first ever.  And I love it!  And I'm starting the year with it, on the couch.

I used gel pens for these.  Didn't realize how challenging this can be.  It took me a few tries to make an almost perfect spirograph. I'll use this to make cards one of these days....  a card set would be great!