Saturday, March 24

Craft Heaven

I love the States already. 

Everywhere I go, there are craft stores.  The craft products that I used to see and ogle only on the internet, are just in arms reach.  I can still remember exactly how I felt when I first went to Joann's in Washington State.  OMG!!!  Then Michael's...  and Super Walmart.  I've been to the ones in Fallon (Nevada) and Yuba City (California).  Everytime I go to the craft stores,   I don't know where to start looking!  I'm glad my husband patiently waits for me while I look at every aisle of the store.  I just had to see everything!!!

Now, I have enough craft stuff with me in our "road trip."  I was able to buy 2 Cricut cartridges at very cheap prices ($32.50 and $40).  I got enough stickers, vellum, embellishments, adhesive, paper and cardstock to last me till we move to our own house.  I have my scissors, paper cutter and a Crop-a-Dile.  I have them all in my scrapbook rolling tote/bag.  I even bought a portable HP Photo Printer, so I can start making a scrapbook album of our road trip.  I also have enough stock of yarn and cloth for my crochet and sewing crafts. 

I'm good to go for now....

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