Friday, July 13


Ok, ok!  I wrote a few weeks ago about my pledge of NOT buying anymore scrapbook stuff until the end of this year.  And I'm proud to say up to this point, I was doing a good job.  Actually, a great job!  I snobbed the scrapbook aisles in Walmart, and Joann's and Michael's too!  I'm giving 2 big thumbs up to my hubby for keeping his promise of keeping me away from those stores.  In fact, there was this scrapbook store that I really wanted to see when we were in Saginaw, and he held my hand and walked me away.

But finally, I gave in to temptation.  Creative Express was and is having a really good deal on a lot of their items, especially the scrapbook albums.  Who can't resist an 8 x 8 album for $1.50 or a 12 x 12 album for $3???  And I tell you, these albums are really cool!  They are not generic albums because they carry the Provo Craft brand name.  Totally brand new and really good quality.  Check them out here.  They are even selling the new Cricut Expression for $369.99 which is a really good price compared to the market price of $499.  But I'm not going to buy that.... yet!  (You can actually get the Cricut Expression at Costco for $349, but you have to avail Costco Membership for $50).

So why am I writing this?  To share with you this opportunity to buy dirt cheap scrapbook albums.  Check them out at Creative Express.
For the record, this is the ONLY exception to the NO MORE HOARDING RULE. 

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