Tuesday, August 28


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I have been seeing posts about the Bella Stamps in various threads in the Splitcoast Stampers Website. I was like... what's with it??? Finally, my curiosity gave in, and I went to their website: www.stampingbella.com. The designs are really cool. Totally different. It's hip, chic... not like the usual stamps you see in most craft stores. So that's why these ladies were going gaga over these stamps! I decided to buy 4 stamps... and I tell you, I wanted more! They were Teachabella, Bridalpartybellas, Sistahoodbellas and Shopabellas. Despite it coming from Canada, I didn't have to wait long for it to arrive in the mail. I was a little disappointed because the stamps weren't mounted. If the stamps were clear, it would be fine. So I had to use an acrylic block to stamp. But oh well, the designs were still neat! I was browsing through their website and I was so surprised to see a Bella stamp designed after Imelda Marcos! It's called Imeldabella. Of course, the Bella was holding several boxes of shoes! I thought that was really cool! I wanted more of the Bellas, so I joined 2 Bella Image Swaps. I've received my swaps for the first one, and I was amazed at the beautiful designs. Now I can't wait for the next batch to come. Stamping Bella is a brand that would be surely nice to collect.

If you want to see what Stamping Bella has to offer, go to www.stampingbella.com.

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