Monday, January 7


And so, I thought I have opened all the boxes from my craft corner in Japan.  And just this morning, I discovered more boxes!!!!  Grrrr.... I'm such in a dilemma, I don't know where I will put the rest of my craft stuff.  Why in the world did they all fit in that small corner back in our apartment in Japan?  And now I can't figure out where I'll store them all in my one room planet.  It's like, I'm supposed to be happy and excited to see all of them.  And now, everytime I see a box still yet to open, I say "What is this now?!?!?"  So, I decided to have a RAK (random acts of kindness) box, so I can give some of my craft stuff away.  Hell I'm not gonna throw stuff away.  I still believe that one's garbage could be another's treasure.  I know somebody will appreciate them and put them in good use.

It's just so freaking overwhelming!!!  Arg!!!!

Breathe, Joan.  Don't let chaos cloud your creative brain.  Close your eyes and concentrate.  You can do this.

Ha!  Just wait till I'm all done. 

The big question is WHEN?


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