Sunday, February 17

Organizing Brads

I'm currently in the process of finishing my craft room.  I'm in the organizing stage.  I realized I have so many brads that I don't even use!  I put them in small canisters that were in a drawer.  I don't even know what shape or style I have, that when I go to a craft store and see brads, I end up buying more of the same shape or style.  Giving it some thought, I realized I don't use these brads enough, and that's because they were hidden somewhere.  So I thought I should keep my brads in a way where I can see them so I will use them. 

I ended up using a cork board I bought from the 100 Yen Store in Japan (their version of Dollar Stores), and just pushing all my brads against it.  Sometimes I would use a piercing tool (Bazzil In Stitch Pierching Tool) to put holes in the cork board, so it would be easier to push the brads in.  You can use a push pin or anything you think you can poke a hole with.  I was actually surprised that I filled up the entire cork board with brads.  It kinda looked like an art piece with brads as a medium!  So now, with just one reach, it will be easier for me to browse through my brads.  I can see what color, shape, or style I need for my pages.  And I promised myself not to buy any more brads until I use the ones in this cork board.

However, I still have a lot of alphabet brads.  There is no more space in this cork board for them.  And even if I have another of the same size of cork board, all my alphabet brads won't fit.  One day, while I was opening more boxes from storage, I found a new pair of Timberland boots.  And guess what was inside them boots?  It's some sort of gray styro foam, but not exactly styro.  I don't know, but I just couldn't throw them away.  I know I could use them for something.  So while I was organizing my brads, I realized the styro from my boots is dense enough for me to push all those alphabet brads in.  I got a pair, so now I have a pair of styro filled with alphabet brads.  They're thickness is enough for me to fill it up with brads back to back.

And now, all my brads are in arms reach.  My goal is to use them more in my pages.  Stop hoarding, Joan!  Use those brads!

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