Friday, March 14

Die Cut Madness

After seeing the demo of Pazzles Inspiration on HSN last night, I was so mad at myself.  Why did I buy the Cricut when it first came out two years ago?  Why didn't I wait?  I already felt bad when Cricut Expressions came out, and now that something a whole lot better is available, I feel miserable!  I have spent a bunch of moolah for my Cricut Machine and all its accessories, not to mention 10 cartridges.  What's more, I don't use my Cricut as often as I should.  Darn this technology thingy for coming up with better gadgets so fast.  Of course, I won't buy the Pazzles Inspiration because I have a Cricut that serves me well.  As a matter of fact, I have never complained about it and I'm always satisfied everytime I use it.  It's just that I wish I had the Pazzles Inspiration with all the features it has that Cricut doesn't.  Boo-hoo.

So because of my frustration, I went on a die cutting spree today.  I can say that I cut my heart out.  I went through all my Cricut cartridges and pushed those buttons.  Every cut I was telling to myself, you don't need that Pazzles!  You love your Cricut!  Over and over.  Hmp!  And you can see what I have made here and here.  I'm actually thinking of selling word and phrase die-cuts to some scrapbook shops in Manila when I go there next month.  There's no harm in trying, right?  Wish me luck on that!  Please!

I'ts almost 12 midnight and I couldn't help but make another card.  I actually like what I did with this one.  The kit's instructions said to use gold thread, but since I don't have one, I just wrote with a gold gel pen, and it had the same effect.  I also used the Fiskars dry embossing tool here.

Now it's really time for me to go to bed....!

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