Tuesday, March 25

Good Friday

Among Catholics, today's the commemoration of Jesus' death on the cross at 3 pm.  Time to ponder about our life and remember that Jesus died for our sins.  I remember we were not supposed to do anything "fun" on this day when we were kids.  But hey, most of the people I know back in the Philippines probably are out of town and having a great time at the beaches right now.

This week, I was able to do a small crochet project.  I made a little pouch for my niece-in-law's MP3 player.  I like the final product, that I want one of my own too!  It's my first time to use this kind of yarn.  It felt weird at first, but I like the final product.  Plus, I just used single crochet stitches on this, and it's very easy.

Like I said in another blog, I did finish the rest of the cards in the Ultimate Card Kit by Becky Higgins.  I noticed that the level of difficulty of the cards got higher as I went along.  But that was fine.  I still love the end results.  This card on the right is one of my favorites :) 

Check out the rest of the cards by clicking here.

Also, I was able to make another digital layout using Memory Mixer.   I used NBK for the background and flourish in the back.  The filegree in the bottom right is by Alice Koh.

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