Wednesday, March 12

Not Good

It's 2 pm, and I haven't had lunch and I'm still in my PJs.  Yeah, it's NOT good and I'm not supposed to blog about that, but I need to start with something.  Don't tell me you've never been in your PJs the whole day???

Yesterday, I finished my stained glass valance on the 3rd night of my advanced stained glass course.  This time, I was more confident in breaking and grinding glass.  I'm happy about this one, and it kinda matches with my first project.  Actually, I was just to cheap and I just wanted to use leftover glass, which I have a lot of.  My instructor Shirley Triplett said that's she's never heard or seen anybody do a stained glass valance before.  That kinda made me happy.  Duane said I should have added more glass to my valance and made it look longer.  However our instructor advised us to have 30 or less pieces in our chosen project.  So anyway, I'm thinking of making another and better valance for our master bathroom.  You can see more photos here.

I had a really good time actually yesterday, because I drove to class by myself (which is about 75 minutes away from us).  It was difficult for my husband to let me, but he finally did.  I left early enough to have time to do some grocery and craft shopping.  I would really have to say that Joann's is a lot better than Michael's when it comes to sale events and discounts.  Right now, most of the scrapbooking products at Joann's have 40% discount.  And I was able to buy a bunch.  My favorite buy is the My Creative Companion 2 book by Becky Higgins.  I used my 40% discount coupon on that one.  Becky Higgins is one of the popular names in the scrapbooking industry and she's come out with a lot of scrapbooking products.  I actually have her Ultimate Card Kit which I bought from QVC.  I haven't started that kit yet, but I will very soon!  By the way, you can download Becky's handwriting for free here.  There's another book that I am aching to buy, which is Best of Becky Higgins Sketches.  I'll have to wait for another Joann's coupon for that.

I was able to make 3 more cards using the kit by Top That!.  I'm actually really happy about this card that you see on your right.  I don't know if it looks like a mug of beer to you, but I'm pretty proud of this one.  I cut a mug from an acrylic cd protector, the one you get from spools of cds/dvds.  Then, I used Elmer's 3D Glue for the "beer".  For the foam, I used Popcorn Pens by Kodomo No Kao.  It's a Japanese brand.  I have a lot of its products, and I personally like their embossing powders.  I just love using this pen and see it turn into foam of some sort as you blast it with a heat gun.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with this pen.  And I'll definitely buy a lot more of these when I go to Japan in May.  You can see more cards here

I cooked Pancit (rice noodles) for lunch.  Yeah, in my PJs.  No, my husband is not home, that's why I'm still in my PJs.  But he will soon, so I'd better get off this computer! 

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