Saturday, April 19

Hello From the Philippines!!!

I'm back!  I guess my body clock's adjusted, and I have no jetlag.  It is really hot in here, and soooo humid.  It's really grand to be with my family again, and it is great to see a lot of friends.
Since I arrived, I haven't really seen a nice scrapbook/craft store.  A little disapointment, but I know I'll see one.  I still have more than 3 weeks.  Yesterday, I went in Papemelroti Store and I saw these thought boxes.  Each box has a different theme.  In the box are 2x2 pieces of paper with nice sentiments and phrases.  The ones I bought are "Have A Wonderful Life", "Fantastic Philippines", "Query", "Query 2" and "Today's Advice". 

These will be perfect for scrapbooking and I already have an idea on how I'll use these on a layout.  I love the box it self - perfect for altering.  I've always liked Papemelroti, because most of their products are hand-made, and they usually use recycled paper.  They actually sell some stuff for scrapbooking too.  I have a feeling I'll have to go to that store again before I go back home.
A few days before my trip, I was able to make a travel album.  I used a different medium for this one.  Instead of cardstock and paper, I used leather, fabric, lace, and a lot of old buttons and antique notions.  I printed the photos on textured cardstock (thanks for the input, Alice!), then I attached all the photos by sewing.  I really love the outcome of this one. 

You can see the album in detail by clicking here.

Also, I was able to make another hybrid layout.  Sorry, I can't write the exact materials I used.  I wasn't able to make a list, and I'm already here in the Philippines.  This is a pretty simple layout, and I love how the bg paper coordinated with the original digital layout.

I guess that's it for now.  I sure miss my planet!  haha!
Till next blog....


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