Sunday, May 25

Pullip Play

I couldn't sleep last night.  I already turned the computer off, so I was looking for something else to do.  Then I saw my Pullip Doll still nestled in its box in the corner.  I have been back almost a week and I still haven't laid my hands on this doll.  So I took a cutting knife and carefully cut the top plastic.  I felt like I was a little girl, slowly, but very excitedly, opening a present.  I want to keep the box as it is as much as I can.  There were lots of twist ties in the back of the inner box securing the doll in its place.  I took my time and took each one off.  When was the last time I owned a doll?  I used to love Barbies and I couldn't get enough of them.  And now it seems I'm going back to that phase. 

The Pullip doll is really something.  It has movable joints in the arms, legs, hands and feet.  You can pose them in different ways.  I love the way the eyes can move from left to right using a lever in the back of its head.  Either eye can also wink.  I love the hair, too.  Which makes me think what kind of comb should I use for it?  Should I use a Barbie comb or a regular human comb?  My mind was racing on what kind of clothes I'll make for my doll.  And maybe I can make some furniture with my ceramic molds or something.  I saw on the internet that some of the popular dolls' clothes can fit the Pullip doll.  You can check them out here.  While browsing, I found that this Pullip hobby is serious.  There are quite a bunch of Pullip community websites and even swap meets are being held.  You can actually change the doll's hair and eyes, and that there are 3 Pullip body types.  Some people even go to the extremes and customize their Pullips.  You can find out more about it by clicking here.

What I like most about the Pullip is that it's really a collectible item.  They don't mass produce this doll, and they release a different doll style or theme every month.  It is not cheap, and therefore I would really think that this doll would be more appreciated, and well taken care of, by adults.  I will never give a $100 (or even more) doll to my own 10 year old (and below) daughter, if and once I have one.  If I become rich, I'd like to buy as many of the different styles as I can.

Having this Pullip doll in my hands brought a sense of amusement I've never felt in years.  It's like I'm young again.  I enjoyed changing its clothes and posing the doll in different forms then taking photos.  I wonder what my husband would say if he saw me playing with my Pullip last night.  (Check out the shots I took by clicking here.)

Thanks to this doll, I went to bed at 2:30 am.

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