Wednesday, June 11

Happy Day

I really don't know how to start this blog entry.  But all I know is I'm happy.  I got an email from Alice Koh yesterday, letting me know that her "baby" was just launched.  It's called The Daily Scrapper, which creates, collects and publishes news, entertainment, opinion, and information to the digital scrapbook community. 

The overall concept of this website is patterned on newspapers we read everyday, only the main topic is about scrapbooking.  I can still remember that day when Alice asked me to take part in this venture, to which I said yes right away.  I was really excited!  I can't count the many emails Alice and I exchanged, even during my month long trip in the Philippines and Japan.  And of course, in any endeavor we take, the road to the goal is not always smooth.  The whole process was like a rollercoaster ride, especially for Alice.  I am sure it was very frustrating, but cutting to the chase....  the launch was successful!  Yey!!!  The Daily Scrapper has so much to offer.  It has articles that tackle all the aspects of our hobby - traditional, digital and hybrid.  What makes it special is that this new website also talks about the people behind this beautiful craft.  If you're into the scrapbooking business, it has the Retailer Listings, which is also a good place to advertise.  I love the Classifieds section, where you can see all those scrapbook related ads, from vacancies, services, new products  to special events.  In fact, there are two ad spaces being given for free right now until June 25th.  Just email and put "Free Classified Event" on the subject line.  Like most regular newspapers, The Daily Scrapper has an Opinion section where you can see product reviews, reader comments and discussions. Of course, a newspaper won't be complete without an Editorial.  And yes, my favorite of all:  FREEBIES!  The Daily Scrapper has three digital scrapbooking kits in line, and one of them is Happy Freebie by Amy Leigh.  You have to register (free) or log in first, then you can download by clicking here.  This is my take on this kit. 

For the title, I used Alice Koh's Cardboard Alphas, and the journaling font is Doodolonomy Fred.  I enjoyed creating this layout because the colors are perfect for the photo of my niece. 

Going back to The Daily Scrapper, it is special to me too, because this is where my work was featured for the first time.  That in itself is a blessing!  You can see my contributions here and here.  And my name is right on this page under Features Department.  I wish you could see the big smile on my face :D.  Congratulations to Alice Koh for a successful launch of a great website with a really cool concept!  Hats off to you for having such a brave heart and facing all those challenges head on.  I don't think I can ever do that!
As for more freebies, Memory Makers has several digital kits available for download.  Their latest one is the Bohemian Summer Kit by Michelle Coleman, which I adore!  I always love Michelle's work, and this is no exception.  Her kit comes with cool papers, embellishments and alphas. 

For this layout, I also used CK Alis Writing, LDJ Shop Til You Drop and Gang of Three fonts.  All with the aid of Memory Mixer.  You can get the rest Memory Maker's free digital kits by clicking here.

Another reason to be happy is being able to create three layouts in a day.  You've seen two of them above, and my third one is a traditional layout for my 2008 Scrapbook Calendar

This is actually a kit by Creating Keepsakes, which I bought from QVC a couple of years ago.  I always like CK products because they are so user friendly!  In fact, I made this page in less than 30 minutes.  There's a boo-boo on this page, actually.  I guess one of my ink tanks are low, so when the photo came out of my printer, it had lines around the image of my niece.  But it kinda blended with the stripe BG paper so I decided not to print another one.  I still like the result :)

And OMG!!!  I just saw my name in Paula Pascual's blog:  CRAFTY STORAGE under Great Real Life Studios.  This IS a happy day :D

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