Tuesday, July 8

Time to Organize...

I started this week with more organizing projects in my planet.  Last night on the way home from the movies, I was just quietly thinking of what I'll be doing in my craft room.  Yesterday, I received a box of goodies from a good friend from SCS, Lisa.  She read my blog about having some problems organizing my pens/markers.  She suggested a trade for the pen organizers (set of 4) she bought from Save-A-Lot, which she hasn't been using.  I said yes, but I was worried they might not fit in the wooden base I repurposed. 

The smile on my face reached my ears when they fit snuggly, like they were meant for that wooden base.  Because these pen organizers are red, I spray painted them black.  I painted the wood base black too.  I plan to buy 2 more of these organizers, so they will look uniform.  But for now, this is how it looks like.  I am really really happy.  THANK YOU Lisa, for being so kind.  Aside from these organizers, she sent me A BUNCH of goodies, which you can see by clicking here.  I was speechless with all the stuff she sent me.  What I sent her was nothing compared to what she have put together for me.  I was definitely spoiled yesterday.

I have been thinking of how to organize my clear stamps.  I used to put them in small clear drawers attached to my rotating fixture, but they are too many now and don't fit there anymore.  Then suddenly.... TING!!!  Will they fit in those sports card organizers?  They are clear pages, with 9 pockets. They are acid free too, because they are meant to preserve those "valuable" baseball or other sports cards.  I bought a bunch of them from a recycle shop back in japan a few years ago.  So I dug them out and tried some of my clear stamps in.  It worked! 

I bought a standard file album in Walmart, and the pages fit just right.  I just attached tabs so I can organize the clear stamps according to brand.  You can check out more photos by clicking here.

Months ago while I was finishing my craft room, I decided to put my ribbon in glass jars.  But then, they just started filling up and there wasn't enough room.  So I decided to revert back to the wood crates I bought from Japan a few years ago.  I used to store my ribbon in them when we used to live there.  But because they're multi-colored, I had to paint them black & white to match the color scheme of my craft room.


I just used regular black acrylic paint, then foam stamped them with white.  After which, I sprayed them with a sealer.  I labelled each crate for each color, then I added some purple sequin flowers to match the other altered organizers in my craft room like my
ribbon holder.  They still sit on my window sill, and I love the way they look from outside.  You can see more photos by clicking here.

Ok, now it's time for me to go to bed.

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