Saturday, July 19

Trying New Products

I went gaga one day browsing through clear stamp websites.  I didn't know that there are so many brands arleady, and that there are so many beautiful designs.  I wish I was rich so I can just buy them all.

One of them was Verve Stamps.  I recently bought their Anniversary Birds - one of the reasons is that I'm so into bird images lately.  In fact, I am now hosting an image swap in SplitcoastStampers, and one of the categories is "birds."  I finally got to play with my new stamps, and I was able to make this card. 

I'm very sure that this won't be the first time to buy Verve stamps.  I already have a wish list :)

For scrapbooking, I finally gave in and bought me a Martha Stewart product.  She released her own scrapbooking line a year or two ago, and it was exclusively being sold at Michael's.  The MS line has some interesting products like the 12x24 scrapbooks, cardstock and paper.  I've read good reviews of her punches.  The only thing that kept me from buying her products is the price.  I thought they were expensive simply because they carry the Martha Stewart name.  Only a few weeks ago I got more interested when I learned that Walmart was going to carry the MS product line.  I figured because it's going to be in Walmart, it might be cheaper.  That made me excited about my next Walmart trip.  I was actually happy to see the MS products when I went to the craft section.  Noticeably, they were carrying more basic tools and supplies like pens, markers, ribbon, glitter (which are very enticing!), clear stamps, ink, 14" ruler (I'll buy this if I won't be able to get me the Tim Holtz ruler), cutting pads, scrapbook kits, stickers, 3d embellishments, punchers, cirlce cutter, etc.  I was hoping to see the 12x24 scrapbooks/accessories, but they weren't there.  I decided to buy the Opaque Marker Set of 5 (1 mm.) for $9 something.  It claims to be visible on light or dark backgrounds, acid free, non-bleed, fade proof and xylene free.  I went home and tried the markers right away on black cardstock.  I was amazed and very happy to see the vivid colors.  I couldn't wait to play with them on a scrapbook LO.  This is the page I made using the MS opaque markers, both on dark and light backgrounds. 

I love the way they look and I'm so glad I bought them.  Now I want all the colors available, and I wonder if they have them in finer tips?

I also bought her 18x24 cutting mat for $23.97, which is now nestled on my craft desk.  I like it so far, and I have no complaints.  I also gave her Bone Folder a shot for $3.97.  I don't see anything special with it, but for me, the important thing is that it works fine.

After trying these 3 products, I can say that I won't hesitate to buy MS products any more.  I know that the price you pay is well worth it for its good quality.

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