Friday, August 29

Altered Recipe Box

I found this box at my husband's work, and I just couldn't bear the sight of it!  LOL!  I'm sure if you're crafty, you will do something about this box.  I made it a goal to alter it when I have the chance.  I did this week. 

However, I had to keep in mind to make this box not too "girly" because it's my DH who's going to use it.  I did my best, Babe!

I used leftover adhesive backed trim I bought in the 100 Yen Store in Japan to cover the box.  After adhering each piece to every side with my Scotch ATG, I sanded the edges, then colored it with Versa Magic Jumbo Java Chalk Ink.  For the "title" I used the Alphabet Stamp Stickers by Cavallini & Co.  I also adhered the brown buttons with Glue Dots.  The trim around the box is Sticky Stitches by ColorBok.

My favorite part in this project is the star paper clip I put on one of the buttons.  I also put some brown micro beads in the center.  I find it really cute!

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