Sunday, August 3

My Take On Ceramics

I finally found my ceramic projects in the many boxes that arrived from Japan late last year.  I don't have so many, but I do want to keep doing this craft.

The wives club in the military base we used to live in introduced me to ceramics.  Every month, the club meets then does some crafts after the meeting.  On one of the meetings, they had us do ceramics.  I wasn't really interested at first, but after a while, I found this hobby relaxing.  You are just focused on the bisque, your paint and your brush.  It's like nothing else exists at the moment.  Then comes the anticipation every after firing, how your project will look like.  You would think that this is an easy craft, but it does take a long time to finish one project.  

The truth is, my ceramic experience is more on the painting and glazing process.  I don't know how to start from the beginning like casting and making bisques.  I don't even know how to use a kiln.  And that's what I want to learn next.  Last summer, my husband and I bought 2 kilns and a big bunch of molds for a really cheap price. 

The past owners had them for many years, and they never even did ceramics.  We ended up having at least a thousand molds, and I had to sort the ones I like to keep, and the ones I want to get rid of or sell (I'm selling each mold for $1 each, doesn't matter what size).

Click here to see more of my past ceramic projects.

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