Sunday, September 28

Another Sunday

I can't believe my last blog was a week ago!  Time sure flies...  I don't blame it on my new job because I like it, and it's my "gasoline" for my many hobbies.  I blame it on my chaotic planet... again!  I just can't create as much when my planet's a big mess.  I'm too ashamed to post a pic here because it's really THAT bad. 

So this weekend, I made a pledge to clean it up.

Now, I can see the floor, and my desk, and it feels a lot better to be in here.  My muse came back!  While I was cleaning, I discovered how many images I have. 

Which led me to create an "organizer" for my stamped images.  I receive a lot of images as RAK from friends and a lot more from swaps I joined and hosted.  So I decided to organize them, so I can finally use them.  I wanted to segregate them according to brand and theme.

The first thing that came to mind is the shoe box I bought from Japan a few years ago.  To be honest, one of the reasons why I bought the shoes is because of the box.  And yes, the shoe brand is Nicole.  I was just starting scrapbooking, and I thought I could put that box into good use someday.  And today was the day.  I pulled out a drawer of my black bg papers, and chose which ones to use for my new altered project.  It's not complicated, really.  I just cut each piece of paper to size, adhering them at random.  Then, with black cardstock, I made dividers and wrote categories using Martha Stewart white opaque pen. 

So this is how it looks like now.  The width of the box is perfect, but it's not tall enough to hold all the images.  So I just placed the cover in the bottom.  I guess that would make it more convenient for me, so its easy to browse for images.  Click here for more photos.

By the way, I was guest poster again for ScrapScene.  This time, they featured my altered document tray which I created about a couple of weeks ago.  You can see the entire article by clicking here.  Thanks again Angie for a chance to show my work!

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow crafters who sent me wonderful goodies this week.  I always look foward to coming home from work, anticipating what I'll be getting in the mail.  You put a smile on my face each day.  Thanks ladies!

'Till next blog and happy crafting :D

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