Thursday, October 30

Cross-Stitched Bookmark

I have been working on my WIP for a long time now, and it's still not finished.  However, I am pretty sure that it's 90% done.  A few more episodes of Heroes, America's Next Top Model, CSI, Law & Order SVU, Stylista, Lipstick Jungle, Survivor, Law & Order, Fringe, Extreme Race and The Unit, it will be done in no time ;)

But I told a fellow PIFer that I will make her a cross-stitched bookmark of her name.  It's been years since I made this project.  I made a bunch of them as Christmas presents to my Japanese students a long time ago.  So, I was pretty excited to do this one.  What I like most about it is that it doesn't take long to finish, and it's personalized.  I knew I could finish it in one sitting.
So last week, I started browsing my library of cross-stich alpha patterns.  After picking the one I like, I started cross-stitching a couple of nights ago.  I was half-way done when I realized that there wasn't enough cloth for the remaining letters.  I was fuming mad!!!

So I had to do it all over again.  I hate repeating a cross-stich project, especially when I already stitched most of it.  But I didn't want to keep Amber waiting, so I made sure I finish it tonight so I can mail it to her tomorrow.  And this is the final product. 

The size is bigger than the usual-sized bookmark, but it will work.  And Amber has an option to frame it if she wants.  I hope she likes it :)

And I really hope I finish my current WIP soon.... so I can start a new one!

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