Sunday, November 16

Planet in Uber State of Emergency

And I am not kidding!

If I am the president, demonstrations will be happening everywhere and I will undergo impeachment for overspending while the planet is in total chaos. 

And that is not good at all.

This current condition hampers production.

So last night, I decided to start a major overhaul in my planet.  I'm trying to reposition items who play a major role.  We need more space, so I'm trying to sort and remove those who really don't have any particular role.  My planet needs complete reorganization.  And even though recycling is one of the strictly implemented laws in my planet, I really have to get rid of stuff that have no use.  Even though the overall production has improved a lot and resources have become more abundant, there is still a big problem with overspending.

That is why I wrote and passed a new resolution.  Effective January 2009, purchase of any scrapbook/stamping/card making items will be illegal for 11 months, thus ending in November 2009.  The only exception will be the following because they are considred major necessities:

1.  Adhesive
2.  Georgia Pacific cardstock
3.  Replacement of my Cricut machine when it breaks down. 
4.  Stampin' Up Club purchases, which expires in March '09
5.  Magazines that I'm not subscribed to

A fine of $5 and a smack on the head will be implemented for each purchase other than those mentioned above.  (Details of this is still to be determined.).  RAKs and PIFs are not considered purchases.  The planet still wants to maintain good relations with other craft worlds.

For strict implementation, I asked for the support of the police force (in the form of my loving DH) to keep me away from any craft stores.  That means, I have a month and a half to get the stuff I think I need, especially some of the Martha Stewart edge punches.

Thus in 2009, the planet will focus more on production with total zero spending.  And the planet will aim to generate funds by selling handmade cards in at least one craft show in November next year.

This new decree is signed, sealed with a kiss and spat in the back for extra strength.

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