Monday, December 1


I can't believe how time flies.  It seems only weeks ago when I started my new job.  And now, it's December!  And to top it off, we don't have work today because of a winter storm.  That means more time to do more stuff!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had our usual warm gathering at DMIL's house.  I made a popular Filipino dessert called Leche Flan.  Never mind the calories, at least for Thanksgiving, because my Leche Flan is good :D

What made this 4-day weekend extra special was our Black Friday shopping.  I won't tell you the details, but my main goal was to get the Cricut Expressions for $199.  Walmart was having that special only for Black Friday.  And I was very sure a lot of crafters will come and swoop them off the shelves in just a snap.  I had an option to buy the Expressions at CustomCrops a few days earlier for $209 with your choice of 2 cartridges and free shipping.  But I wanted to get the Expressions the traditional way - right in my hands from a brick and mortar store.  Going back to Walmart, as expected, the Expressions were all gone.  I was very disappointed.  But I had a Plan B.  We headed to Michael's, with the Walmart Black Friday brochure on hand.  I talked to the first Michael's employee and asked them if they would price match Walmart's price for the Cricut Expressions (while I was crossing my fingers and toes).  And right away, they said "Yes!  Let me go get it for you", with no other questions asked.  That made my Black Friday shopping.  I was very happy!  My new Cricut Expressions came with 2 cartridges:  Plantin' Schoolbook and Accent Essentials.  I played with my planet's new addition last night and it felt like I was a kid opening a present.  I like the new features and my favorite is the fact that I can cut bigger sizes (up to 23.5 inches).  I already have so many projects in mind.  But I still love my original "bug".  In fact, my two Cricuts are nestled side by side on my craft desk.  The Bug has the portability that the Expressions doesn't have.  There goes my Christmas present!
I was also able to buy 2 Martha Stewart edge punches using Joann's 50% coupon on each.  I can't wait to play with my Arch Lattice and Double Scallop.

That's what I like about Michael's.  Even though they don't put out discout coupons as much as Joann's, but they will let you use Joann's discount coupons in their store, and they price match with no questions asked.  More power to Michael's!  Woot!

And since it's 25 days before Christmas, let me share with you these burned-out light bulbs I altered into Christmas Ornaments.  I owe it to a famous Filipino celebrity, Ms. Sharon Cuneta, because she shared this project in a magazine-type TV show many years ago.  And since then, I never threw my burned out light bulbs.  All you need is acrylic paint, ribbon, adhesive and embellishment of your choice.  I love making these ornaments -  in fact they are hanging in my Christmas tree right now.  Check out more pictures by clicking here.

Also, take another glimpse of my November creations here.

If you missed Black Friday sales, don't fret because today is Cyber Monday.  Check out your favorite online stores and I'm sure they have specials meant for today. has really good Cyber Monday deals (including free shipping).

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