Thursday, January 1


Happy 2009 fellow crafters!

The past year has been an incredible one for me in so many aspects.  Like some of you, we had our share of ups and downs, but 2008 still ended up with a bang.  We had a new addition to our family and her name is Chichay.  She'll be another reason for me to scrapbook!

I believe 2008 is the year I created the most, and it's also the year my craft room officially became my "planet".  In the same year, my planet became "overpopulated", thus making me decide not to buy any craft related items (with some exceptions) from January till November of this year.  *If you're bored right now and have nothing else to do, you can read more about it in this blog entry.*  In this year, I finally learned how to do stained glass and I love it!  I was featured in several scrapbooking/crafting websites and e-zines for the first time (which was heavenly!) and I learned a lot of new tips and tricks.  It's also in 2008 when I met a lot of new crafty friends, especially here in Multiply.  They made the past year really special and they inspired me in many ways.  I'm sure this new year will be the same, and hopefully even more.

For 2009, my goal is to create more and make use of what I have right now.  I have hoarded so much in the past years, and it's about time that I put them all to good use.  I will really do my best not to buy any more, and especially try to resist temptations when new tools, designs, stamps, or any other craft-related products are released in the market (crossing my fingers ever so tightly).  I would also love to make it to the craft show at the end of this year, and maybe (not maybe) sell handmade cards and the like. 

This year's motto will be CREATE! CREATE! CREATE!

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