Friday, March 20

National Craft Month DAY 19 and 20

We got home last night full of pride and sorrow.  Our school and the community are proud that our girls basketball team got that far - the farthest they've ever been in school history.  The girls did a really great job to get to their current postition.  However, last night, the road to victory ended and they were only 4 points short.  It was a very tight game.  And everybody cheered with all their love and support.  I'm surprised that I still have my voice when I woke up this morning.

So anyway, for today (and yesterday), I want to create something using our school colors.  I bought a pair of black hair clips weeks ago, and I've been wearing it plain like this.  I took out my Kandi Kane applicator wand and my assortment of bling.  This is actually a quick and easy project.  But I have to admit that it was a challenge to arrange and place each bling in the right position.

With this tool, you can pump your stuff up - pens, cellphones, watches, accessories...  the possibilities are endless.  The Kandi Kane applicator wand is one of my favorite tools and I'm glad that I bought it.

I'll definitely be wearing my new hair clip on Monday.

Have a great and crafty weekend!

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