Wednesday, April 1

April Full

April Full So what silly thing did you do today?  None for me really...  But today was a good day at least.

Tonight, I just updated my 2009 Calendar.  It's my first time to change months, and now I like my calendar more.

Also, I took out the elements from the Qwik It Pocket page about our dog Chichay, and finished it.  I still followed the layout, then I added embellishments and added borders to some of the photos.

Tomorrow, Chichay will undergo an operation.  I wish I could be there to take her to the vet, but I can't because of work.  She will go home on Friday.  The good thing is it's Spring break next week, and I can be with Chichay 24/7 until she gets well.

Have a good night, everyone! :D

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