Monday, April 20


Hemp I always like hemp accessories/jewelry.  But I rarely buy them.  Why?  Because everytime I see them in the stores, I knew I can make them - given the proper instructions.  I know.  I'm cheap.
Then last week, I saw a student wearing a hemp necklace.  I asked her if she made it and she said yes.  The necklace looked pretty cool. 

That inspired me to make a piece of hemp accessory.  I finally took out 2 hemp instruction books I bought in Japan a few years ago and started reading.  It is a challenge to read the instructions in Japanese, not failing to mention that their measurements are in centimeters.  But the illustrations are pretty good, so I was able to follow.  This piece involved 3 knots.  I'm sorry I don't know what each knot is called, because the book was all in Japanese characters.  But this one was pretty easy to make.  It took me for only about an hour to finish.
So, I was intending to make a bracelet.  But somehow it ended too big for my tiny wrists.  So maybe it could work as an anklet.  Still too big.  Then I saw my puppy staring at me.
Guess what happened next?  Click here.

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