Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I was actually thinking to myself if I can be considered a mother because we have our pet dog Chichay.  I love her so dearly, and by taking care of her, I can somehow tell what kind of a mother I could be when we actually do have kids.
And then, this week, I received my first mother's day card.  It's a handmade card from Claire.  It did made me realize, that yes, I am Chichay's one and only mother.  Thank you Claire for a very wonderful card.  Sorry I wasn't able to tell you about this right away.  The envelope has been sitting on the counter, and I thought it was an already opened envelope.  Your card made my day... Hugs!

Going back to this special event, I was only able to make one card.  This is my first time to use this kind of stitching using Just Petra stitching and embossing stencil.  I was able to buy this through the kindness of Jerosha (thanks again, girl!).  You can see my Mother's Day card here.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers of all kinds! ;)

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