Friday, July 10

My First Craft Show

I haven't blogged lately for this reason. I was busy preparing for my first craft show. Our local community is holding a farmer's market/craft show every Friday starting today all throughout the summer. And for the first year, the spots are free. You just have to show up with your table and merchandise. Since the venue is only about 2 miles away, I decided to participate. It feels pretty weird to be the seller this time. I love to go to craft shows and be the customer. Because today's the first day, there are not that many vendors - but it's a start. Hopefully it will pick up in the coming weeks. As for my sales, so far so good. In fact I got the first sale among all the vendors. It is a very good start for me. Right now, I'm trying to post this using my cellphone internet. I took photos using my cellphone too. Anyway, while waiting for customers, I keep myself busy by coloring images. I also have my latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. You know what's more fun? I can watch my DH work. Haha!


Wish me luck fellow crafters! 

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