Tuesday, August 4

Stained Glass/Ceramics Studio: First Look (plus a New Card)

Stained Glass/Ceramics Studio: First Look (plus a New Card) Here are some photos of my stained glass/ceramic studio - still in the works.  We finished re-organizing the garage, but the final touches for my studio is all up to me.  Most probably I'll be able to work on that when I get back from California.  

 Can you tell which area is mine?

My Stained Glass and Ceramics Studio

Stained Glass Section

Ceramics Area

View from the right...

Stained Glass Organizer

Stained Glass Organizer (closer look)

Also, I was able to finish one card this afternoon.  This is a special order by a lady whose daughter just adopted a baby girl from China.  In fact, the baby just arrived here in the US last week or so.  It was a challenge to do this card because the theme is not very common.  But I put myself in my customer's shoes, and tried to think what I would say to my daughter for the very wonderful and courageous thing she did.  "Banana" is the first English word that Lulu learned, thus the banana on the card. 

I hope she likes it.

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