Wednesday, March 9

National Craft Month (Day 9)

Hello everyone!  I'm posting quite late today due to some sort of paranoia I had after watching the local evening news.  Something about how secure your wireless network is, and the scary effects of having a non-secure network.  Right away, I went and checked our network and after some technical assistance, I learned that my wireless network was not secure.  That means anybody could have been "stealing" our internet access at any time.  In fact, we have been noticing vehicles parked on the side of the road near our house.  Well, there can be many reasons why - the driver might be calling on a cellphone, checking maps for directions, eating a snack, taking a break, or using free internet that they can get from our unsecured wireless network.  So right away, I made sure our security settings were set right and I was able to set a password so nobody can just jump in our wireless network and use our internet.  Or worse, hack our computer and steal valuable information.  Yes, I feel so much better now.  Dear friends, if you have a wireless network set up at home, please make sure your security settings are set straight.  Technology is great, but it can also be used in bad things like information and identity theft.  Better safe than sorry.

So tonight, while watching American Idol, I was able to make this origami calendar wreath designed by Michael G. LaFosse:

What I like most about this project is that I only needed 12 square sheets of washi paper.  No glue or any type of adhesive.  I just attached a small origami crane for a final touch.

Hey, we are celebrating National Craft Month... want to join us?  Click here.

'Til next blog!

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Kim H said...

Oh my! Yes I am still here! Does your talent ever end! This is so neat and clean looking! I love the colors... will there be a tutorial???