Saturday, March 12

Praying for Japan

I consider Japan as my home. I lived there for 5 years, learned many things, made many friends, and I can go back and reside there again if given a chance.

The latest events that are shaking Japan really affects me, and I keep thinking about my dear friends and former students, hoping they are all fine and safe. I have a student who is from Sendai, Shuji Eguchi, and I remember how he loved to talk about his hometown during classes. I pray that he and his family are okay.

But I know how Japan is as a country, and the Japanese people will all stand together to face this very difficult situation. They will rise once again from all the debris filled with distraught, anguish, and sorrow. They will show the world that even though they are weeping, they are strong, determined and united.

In this light, I have decided to suspend my NCM celebration this weekend in support of the country that I love. This is my personal choice, as I monitor the events and try to get news about friends in Japan. I want them to know that even though I am not physically there, I am with them, thinking of them, and praying for them.

Please feel free to post your projects as usual.

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Kim H said...

I am praying for all those people! I can not blame you for taking this time to heal! My thoughts are with you, your friends, former student and the country!