Monday, April 4


Hello dear reader! Today is a very interesting day. It's 12:12 as I type this blog entry, and so much has happened in the past 4 hours. Well, to make the long story short, this is what happened:

The snowy and slippery road had me fish-tailing and spinning 180 degrees until I ended up on the ditch. I am thankful that I was not hurt, and our van wasn't a total wreck. And I wasn't using my cellphone, for the record. Good thing DH was driving his truck ahead of me, and was able to watch the accident on his rear view mirror as it was happening. I can still recall as I was waiting for my side of the vehicle to hit the trees, and me mentioning a silent prayer. This occurence made me realize that anything can happen in a split second, and to put it bluntly, life is indeed short. We all have but one life, so what are we going to do with it?

Enjoy today and everyday, crafty friends! 'Til next blog!


Melissa said...

OMGoodness! Thank God you are okay! This "spring" weather has been crazy! Take it easy the rest of the day.


4kids4 said...

Glad you're ok...must have been a frightening experience!!

~Sharon C.

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh dear, I´m really glad to hear, that you´re okay hun. I also tryed this once many years ago, and I agree, it really makes you think, how little we really are, when something like this happens, and how little we can do in a weather like this. I sure learned to keep a much bigger respect for natures forces back then.
But sure good to know, that you´re oaky, so just relax for the rest of the day and get over the chock hun. Please take good care.

Tinker Planet said...

Thank you ladies. I feel so much better now :)