Wednesday, April 20

Before and After

As I type this blog entry, we're experiencing a blizzard.  Not the sweet and cold one that you eat.  I mean a real one.  And the last time I checked, it's April 19th.  It's technically Spring.  Somebody must have really ticked Mother Nature because she doesn't seem happy... at all.

While I was cleaning my craft desk, I saw this unfinished pop-up card that I made three years ago:

The card front is black, and I never got around to finish the card.  I stamped the flower images with whatever black ink pad I had at the time, and I remember using just "ordinary markers" (in crafters' term) to color the flowers.  Back then, I was already proud of this "achievement".  I figured maybe I can do some touch ups to make it better.

Armed with my Copic markers and tools that didn't exist before, I started working.  First, I used my black multi-liner pen to enhance the lines of the images.  Then I started coloring with Copics.  Here's my pop-up card's new look:

It only goes to show how big of a difference three years can make.  And I give credit to all the crafters and bloggers for all the inspiration and knowledge that they have shared to people like me. 

'Til next blog!

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