Monday, May 9

Card Display

Hello crafty friends!  It sure has been quite a busy weekend.  But it's all good.  I feel a little bad though, that I have been away from my planet for a while.

I would like to share with you a recent quick project of mine.  You may have noticed among your favorite card makers and designers that little pedestal they use to display their cards when you visit their blogs.  Well, I have tried and a repurposed a lot of things to serve as a holder for my cards when I take pictures. I have searched everywhere too. I guess it's just hard to find the one that would fit my criteria.  That was until I found this candle holder in Walmart for not even $2:

It's double sided, so you can place a small candle on one side and a bigger candle when you flip it over.  I thought maybe that would work to hold my cards, especially the A2s.  The smaller side can hold the vertical orientation cards, and the wider side can hold the horizontal cards.

To give it some character, I adhered rhinestones on both rims, and even around the body, using clear adhesive dots.  This is how it looks like now, showcasing an A2 card in both horizontal and vertical orientation:



Before I discovered the candle holder above, I was using this for quite a while:

It's actually a core from a roll of transparent tape that I took home from work, again adhered with rhinestones.  This is how it looks like with a card on it:

Hope you can join me in scrapbooking in May as I raffle out some blog candies at the end of this month.  All you need to do is link your scrapbook pages/projects here.

You all have a great week.....  'Til next blog!

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Nubia said...

brilliant idea with the tape roll! I'll have to try that for sure!