Sunday, May 22


I can't believe I forgot to post here for a couple of weeks!  Just in case you miss my posts, you can always check out TINKERPLANET.BLOGSPOT.COM.

Well, I've been trying to do more scrapbooking this month of May.  However, I have to say I haven't been very good.  I will get to the reason later, but for now here are my scrapbook pages/projects so far:
You can also check out my latest projects for Creative Vision:
Going back to the reason why I haven't been creating as much - my OTT lamp of over 4 years broke. And it took a while to get a new one. But it was all worth the wait, thanks to the assistance of OTT staff. You can see my new lamp by clicking here.

While I was waiting for my craft lamp, I was able to do some improvements in my craft room.  I was able to alter a candle holder and turn it into a card stand. I was also able to make an improvised photo studio.  

Ooops... before I forget.  I made a Mother's Day card as well.

And finally just this weekend, I got to reorganize my Stamin' Up stamps.

'Til next time!

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